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Anapanasati Foundation Course

a step-by-step mind-training for well-being & success

21-day FREE online course (in English)

on the art, science and practice of
breath-mindfulness meditation 

Date : Sept. 10 – Sept. 30, 2021

Time : 6am - 7.15am IST

Buddha Statue

Anapanasati is a simple

‘breath-mindfulness’ meditation that was taught by Gautama Buddha and

made popular by Brahmarshi Patriji (Founder of Pyramid Spiritual Societies Movement).  


Millions have Benefitted from a daily practice of this simple technique.


Now, you can too.

Join a daily 60-minute* session live on Zoom online for

21-days and experience the benefits yourself.

Typical Class Structure:

  • Initial Instructions: 10 mins

  • Guided Meditation with Music: 35 mins

  • Topic Talk: 15 mins

  • (*Optional) Q & A Time: 15 mins

Things you will learn : 

  1. Science of breath

  2. Preparatory exercises for beginners

  3. 3-step approach to breath-mindfulness

  4. Overcoming typical problems during meditation

  5. Four milestones in breath-meditation practice

  6. Seven key happenings in daily life due to meditation

  7. How breath-meditation provides those results