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Weekend online Wisdom sessions in
Zoom Webinar - Aug 2020

(Aug 22nd & 23rd)




What is Self Love? Is it just another name for egotism? Why do we often dismiss it for selfishness and narcissism? In her forthcoming Master Class workshop, Madhu Gajjala addresses these questions and invites us to examine the true value of self love and the enormous benefits it can bring to us and to those around. She shares steps and ways helpful for living in Self Love.

Self Love is about accepting and carrying about oneself. ‘All these years we have ignored to take care of ourselves. Now is the time to create a new love story with our own selves,’ Madhu says. Respect yourself and know who you are. Face your deep-rooted issues, fears and challenges, and take responsibility for your own life. Embrace yourself and appreciate your mistakes too, for they have taught you and molded you into who you are today. Only when you love yourself you can love the world.

Through beautiful storytelling, interactive exercises and singing bowls meditation, Madhu takes us on a journey toward our Inner Self. Let us her help remove the veils of self-depreciation, guilt and shame which conceal our inner light. Let us learn how to be truthful to our inner child.


Madhu Gajjala is an artist and meditation teacher. She was born in Andhra Pradesh, India, and she holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. In 2009, while living in Cairo, she faced a deep personal crisis. Soon after she got introduced to meditation, and through it, she experienced a profound personal transformation. She began spreading the joy of meditation everywhere and to everyone. Together with her husband Ram, she hosted daily meditation classes during their stay in Egypt.

Meditation helped her unravel her creative side. In meditation she receives beautiful geometric patterns as creative visions. She paints these intricate designs on pots and recycled glass bottles. She developed a hand-painted art form with delicate detailing, which she named as madhukari art.

Madhu has been a TEDx Talks GUC speaker. Through workshop sessions she facilitates meditation, art practice and healing. Madhu is currently based out of Germany. She continues to organize meditations classes and sessions. She is a co-founder of PSSM Germany.

22nd & 23rd Aug

Saturday & Sunday 10am-12.30pm IST

 Zoom meeting link :


Zoom ID : 85444935527





The Universal Laws are the living principles of life, love and all creation. They are universal because they apply to all existence. When we live according to these principles - in words, thoughts and actions, we live with the currents of life & the Universe and not against them.
Katarina will present some of the main teachings and principles of the Universal Law of a Committed Action and will also give a meditation helping us to align the body spirit and mind so that we can action-create what we want to live in our personal and worldly lives, taking the full respons-ability and stop procrastinating, doubting or even belittling ourselves. Each of us is the key and the answer to action Peace, Love, Harmony and Unity on the Earth and in a collective Human Consciousness.
This law is very related to many other Universal Laws: to the Universal Law of the Self-Identity: who we are, to the Universal Law of Purpose: why we are here, to the Universal Law of Manifestation: how to manifest our identity and purpose. But knowing who we are, why we are here or knowing how to manifest is not enough: a committed action is needed: to action our true identity and purpose. One of the obstacles and struggles we often have in being the actor-creator of our lives is that we don’t know who we really are or we think we need to know completely who we are and why we are here and only then we are ready to go into action. Yet the Universal Law of Action encourages us to start actioning even the small percentages of the Self that we are already aware of and not wait for the whole picture because only by actioning - by living the Self now, the further puzzles-stories-mission will unfold: our Destiny unfolds shows up by walking the path, through actions.
The Universal Law of a Committed Action presents us all the opportunity of taking a decision to commit to Love, Peace, Harmony and Unity - to that what we trully are and action it: to become a Living Action.


Katarina is a founder, teacher, author and a channel of LLTT- Living Love Teachings & Technology comprehending Universal Laws and Portals, the Diamond Earth Technology and a unique Living L.O.V.E. method. She has her own online Universal Laws school in Slovenia. She is also a multi-therapist, a KRI certified kundalini yoga teacher, a teacher of English and French

and a teacher trainer.

During the last 25 years, Katarina has been helping and inspiring people (as a teacher, multi-therapist and kundalini yoga teacher) of all ages and from all areas of lives to align to, manifest and action their true identity and purpose and to live conscious, victorious, prosperous and creative individual and collective lives, for the greatest good of humanity and planet Earth.

In October 2019 Katarina was a guest master and speaker at GFSS-Global Festival of Spiritual Sciences in Pyramid Valley, Bangalore, with “The Universal Law of Living Love” conference and a whole day workshop on the “Universal Law of Self-Identity”. She lives in the South of France, with her husband Jerome Boujon who was also a master speaker at the last GFSS.

22nd Aug 

Saturday 5.30pm-7pm IST | 8am-9.30am EDT

  Zoom meeting link :


Zoom ID : 82387663790

Every Sunday : 5.30pm-7pm IST (Aug 16th)



PVI Board Member & Meditation coach

Everyday : 9pm-9.40pm IST





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