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Pyramid Valley International 
Meditation Magic, USA

jointly present FREE Online program over Zoom

November 1st - 21st | 6am to 7.30am IST

40 min Meditation followed by Wisdom talk and Q&A 

(Oct 31st - Nov 20th : 7.30pm to 9pm CST | 8.30pm to 10pm EST)

Note: Daylight saving time ends on Nov 6th in USA

Man is always in search of peace, tranquility, bliss, wisdom and true joy.
What if there is one easy way to achieve all these?

Simple practice of conscious breathing… also called as Breath Meditation / Anapanasati. Treating our own breath like a Guru and following the breath is all it takes to achieve this.

'Breath Awake' is a 21 day Meditation program which will help us relax our body, mind and gives us a beautiful state of inner silence and stillness. This path of stillness leads to unlimited joy, wisdom and the ultimate truth.

If we follow the flow of a river… we will connect to a vast ocean…
If we follow the flow of Breath… we will connect to the Supreme Consciousness

- Brahmarshi Patriji


When we sit silently and go with the flow of the breath, we realize that all the answers that we are looking for are already within. All the divine guidance and energies are within us waiting for us to connect.

So let us commit ourselves for this 21 day Meditation challenge and help ourselves to strengthen our awareness. Let the amplified energies and knowledge free us from all kinds of suffering.

Meditation helps us realize the power of presence, frees us from past and prepares us for future. So, here and now is the right moment to take a right decision to register for this program and help ourselves unleash the master within.

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Masters from Pyramid Valley International and Meditation Magic will be sharing their wisdom on various subjects of Spiritual Science.

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