Change Your Being,
Create a Magnificent Future !  

7-day Advanced Meditation Retreat
@ Pyramid Valley International

Feb 28th 5pm IST to Mar 6th 2pm IST.

We all have inherent power to heal ourself within us ! We have inherent intelligence to succeed. We have inherent wisdom to be happy. We have inherent energy to be inspiring. Yet, we mostly rely on people and our environment to heal, to succeed, to be happy and to inspire. We are driven by the conditioning and memories of our past.. which are causing us to be dependent on external environment always.  When the environment and people do not respond or act in a way we expect, we feel unhappy, miserable, incomplete, unworthy and experience several other lower emotions !


95% of the time, our experiences of today are same as yesterday. This is due to the limiting, redundant and fearful thoughts and feelings that we carry inside our sub-conscious mind. According to Quantum Physics, our observation creates our outer reality. Observation is nothing but our thoughts and feelings, often influenced by our external environment ! This IS our inner state of being. As our inner state of being is, so is outer life and events. 


When we practice meditation regularly and understand higher wisdom and knowledge, we change our state of being. We reprogram our subconscious mind and expand our conscious mind about the nature of reality. We become architects of our own life !  When we apply manifestation principles along with meditation,  we accelerate the change in our state of being, and create a magnificent future for ourselves. We enable a beautiful world around us ! We transform.


Join us in this 7-day program to transform yourself from inside out. Rewire yourself with life expanding spiritual wisdom. Practice long meditations throughout the program and make a significant shift in your thought patterns, emotional patterns and belief systems.  Gain total clarity about your career / life path and become miraculous in thinking. Become a new You.

Starry Sky

What You Will Learn:

  • Understand the quantum physics model of creation that has no bearing on your past or current reality.

  • Understand the principles and methods to tune into quantum energy field of unlimited possibilities effectively.

  • Recognise the infinite power of the mind, and the techniques to utilize its full capacity in creative visualizations.

  • Learn how limiting beliefs are formed and the ways to reprogram your subconscious mind with higher and life expanding beliefs

  • Energies the special energy centers

  • Understand advanced concepts of meditation scientifically

  • Learn and practice breath-mindfulness meditation extensively and rewire yourself

  • Tools that help you to make a significant change to your state of being

  • Understand neuroscience models of learning to cause the real change in our brain .. very effectively

  • Learn the epigenetics science  that proves many illnesses of the body can be healed as Genes can be reprogrammed with heightened change in one’s state of being ! 

Session Information:

This is a physical on-campus event in Pyramid Valley International, near Bangalore. The program starts on Sunday Feb 28th evening with the inaugural session at 5pm IST. Everyday, there will be multiple sessions starting from 5.30am IST to 7pm IST. The program ends by 2pm IST on the last day Mar 6th.


When we change our environment and stay away from our routine work/people / places, we are causing a lot of unlearning and experiencing new learning in our brain. This is the direct result of meditation.


This program is held in  Pyramid Valley international, near Bangalore, and organized jointly by Buddha-CEO Quantum Foundation, Thriive Art & Soul in association with Pyramid Valley International Meditation Center !!


Shreans Daga

Successful Entrepreneur, Motivational Coach
Vice Chairman, Pyramid Valley International

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Chandra Pulamarasetti  

Founder, Buddha-CEO Quantum Foundation
Successful Entrepreneur, Former IBM VP