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Pyramid Valley International presents a 6-Saturday FREE online Master Course on

Living in Coherence

From March 26 to April 30, 2022 (Saturday only) 5pm to 7pm IST / 7:30am to 9:30am EDT

Learn the significance, science, and tools for living a coherent life of magnificence, joy and well-being.

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Consciousness is the fundamental verity. Thought is a function of consciousness. Energy is the product of thought. And, finally, matter is the crystallization of energy.


Brahamarshi Patriji, Founder of Pyramid Spiritual Societies Movement

Coherence is alignment of your body, mind and consciousness in your everyday activities. When you are in coherence, you radiate enthusiasm, you feel wowed by miracles and see everything as magnificent. Suffering, accidents, failures do happen. However you realise these are passing segments in the game of life and do not suffer in pain.

A coherent life is one of awareness, abandon and acceptance. This requires your body and mind to be in coherence with your true nature of consciousness.

Join the FREE Course over Zoom!

This Course combines wisdom and practices from Yogic science, Neuroscience, Zen and Positive Psychology.

 Course Curriculum