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3-day Workshop on
Intelligent Stress Management

for Entrepreneurs, Corporate Professionals, Health Workers and Wellness Practitioners.

Where: Pyramid Valley International, Bengaluru

When: January 21st to 23rd , 2022

Every minute of our lives, we struggle to find the balance within. The stress level has gone up and do the professionals know how to balance their lives!


There is insecurity, fear of not performing up to the mark or being redeployed… It's a constant struggle now to find their place professionally and maintain good interpersonal communications.

Intelligent Stress Management course has been designed to enable organizations and individuals alike into a state of heart-brain coherence, where they will not only be provided with the most effective life tools to keep up with work-life balance but also move forward in their life with confidence! 

Pari has been conducting these workshops online, however, this is one a kind opportunity to not only attend something so dynamic in-person but also, get an opportunity to meet like minded individuals.

Here's how this 3-day workshop will help you rise and hit the reset button!


  • Help you prevent stress and increase the impact of your visionary business, while improving your overall health and well-being.

  • You will learn how to balance your heart and brain, and bring them to coherence.

  • Reduce common symptoms of stress such as poor sleep, fatigue, low energy, lack of focus, emotional imbalance and mental drain.

  • Coping mechanism for these unprecedented times and tools to find long lasting solutions for a great work-life balance.

What will you learn?

  • You will learn core HeartMath scientific research on stress, resilience, performance, emotional regulation, heart-brain communication, and the role of Coherence in optimal health.

  • You will learn four HeartMath techniques that can be put into practice in your daily life, both personally and professionally.

  • You will learn all the key features and functions of the HeartMath Inner Balance app and Sensor and become proficient in using it for your health, well-being, cognitive focus, and emotional balance.


  • This program has been designed to help you hit the RESET button and completely attune with your heart. Also, you will understand how to be more in-tune with your inner knowing to make better decisions in life, both personally and professionally.

  • You will learn how to use your learnings and incorporate it in your daily life. It will not only enhance your living standards but also influence your environment positively.

Kindly Note :

Check-in to PVI on 21st January, 2022 between 12:00 PM to 03:00 PM.
Session begins at 04:00 PM Sharp.

Check-out from PVI on 23rd January, 2022 before 09:30 AM.
You can keep your bags at the reception area and continue for the last day sessions until 5 PM.
Alternatively, you can also choose to stay further if you wish.
Kindly check the schedule below for more details.

Course Details Here

Module 1 to 5 - Day 1 |   21st January 2022

04:00 PM - 05:00 PM Introduction

05:00 PM - 07:00 PM (Module 1 to 5)
07:30 PM to 08:30 PM Dinner