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In this day and age, it can be really challenging to create the life that you desire to manifest. We encounter a lot of negativity and distractions on a day-to-day basis, which can put us on a side track. We live in a Neptunian world or dreams in which everything is governed by our subconscious mind. Therefore, the reality that we experience, too, is nothing but a dream. If we are the dreamers, then we must have a certain control over our reality. Our reality seems to be nothing but a dream, governed by our subconscious thoughts and ideas. These are the energetic seeds within us, that create and manifest our reality.

Don’t focus too much on controlling your reality. Most people focus too much on the external world when, in reality, we need to shift our focus towards our internal world (our psyche). The external world that we experience is a manifestation of our thoughts, beliefs and programs. The external world is a manifestation of our internal world — it is a public dream that we present to the world. The internal world is a lot more sensitive, and creative. It is the mental playground for us. It consists of the energetic seeds created by our thoughts and our beliefs. This is where our vibration pulsates and creates the frequency for attraction. This is where our dreams are created.

Unhealed emotional wounds are obstacles to manifesting our best life. They get projected onto the external world, and we keep reliving the same familiar experiences. Another reason for not being able to manifest your best life is the mental programming we receive from the world, the society and from our family. We also experience lack of self-worth, low self-esteem, anxiety, depression and the feeling of not being worth a better life. These emotions block us from experiencing the life that desire.

How do you heal your internal world? The most important step is recognizing that there are some blocks within you that need to heal. Many of us repress our emotions and pain, or choose to live in denial. The moment you realize that you need to heal, you have taken the key step.

When you are in a low state of mind, you cannot manifest your best life. We are always performing in life at the best, highest vibration that we can carry. It is important to focus on abundance and gratitude, in order to increase your vibration. This is a game of vibration, energy and frequency. This is why meditation, mindfulness and prayer help. When you practice meditation and other spiritual techniques, you can feel a vibrational shift. You can feel being in alignment with the universe and moving higher in your vibration.

Healing your internal world requires a non-judgmental type of attention. We are our worst enemies, because we tend to criticize, judge and hate ourselves. Remember that you are your best healer. No-one knows you better than you. So, non-judgmental attention is really important. Forgive yourself for the past and for your mistakes.

The external world is a refection of our internal world. We are programmed to try and fix our external reality even when our inner life is in disarray. We fix the problem outside of us. But the goal is not to fix or solve, it is to instill more love within ourselves. This love radiates, and the universe gets excited to assist you. It gives you more loving experiences. Everyone has access to love and blessings of our universe, and we are always connected to that source, because the source is within us.

How do you create and manifest? It is important to be aware of abundance. First, you need to become aware of your own abundance state. Most people relate abundance to money, wealth, property and luxury. However, abundance is our divine right, and it is not limited to just wealth. It includes love, time, energy, resources, relationships, experiences and the material aspect of our world. When you become more aware of what you have received, and you are in gratitude, the universe wants to give you more. We come to the Earth abundant already. The Creator has made us abundant. Our bodies are beautiful, pure and magnificent. Realize that you already have everything within yourself.

The second type of abundance is becoming aware of the abundance in our world. We somehow always focus on scarcity, lack and depression. Our focus is a result of our programming and of the way society is structured.

To create your inner energetic shift and start creating more of what you desire, in the next step you need to focus on being neutral. We are human beings and we get caught up in our emotions. We get addicted to the ‘highs’ and the ‘lows’ of our emotions. If you learn how to move though this world in a neutral way, you can become more receptive to the things that you deserve. This gives you the power to step back and observe your life from a non-judgmental perspective. You will be able to overcome any challenges with grace and compassion. Your energy will become more subtle, and your attraction more gentle.

The universe loves and appreciates gratitude. Say ‘Thank you’ more often. Gratitude increases your vibrational frequency. It puts you in alignment with the life you desire. It creates a positive shift within you, which then reflects in the world around you. This is a gradual process. It is a very powerful process, and it helps open and heal your heart chakra.

Watch your thoughts, too. Initially, observing your thoughts is not easy. Meditation helps fine-tune your mind to be more silent, and more aware. When you meditate, you become gentler towards yourself. It is important to know that the thoughts we send out to the universe find their way back to us. Our negative thoughts turn us into a magnet for negative experiences. If we send out thoughts with our highest vibration, the universe will send us back that same energy. Focus more on loving thoughts, so that the universe can show you a more loving world.

Develop a child-like wonder, a sense of innocence, appreciation and joy. Many people do not want to experience this, but the child-like wonder is very powerful and aligns you with the natural state of the universe. This energy uplifts you and easily connects you with the source.

Many of us, focusing on the seriousness of everyday life, get depressed. Go out, play with the universe, and remain open to the possibilities that the universe is ready to offer to you. This is where the magic happens. With playing, we connect with joy, and our frequency ascends. Things start aligning magically, and you begin to experience synchronicities.

Another important aspect that you need to develop is imagination, which is a part of visualization. Allow yourself to imagine the best life possible for you. If you encounter negative feelings (‘Who am I to deserve a beautiful life?’), just step back and forgive yourself for having such doubts. Remind yourself that you do deserve what you want. Start by visualizing something small, and the shift will happen. Also, the more in tune you are with your heart and your heart energy, the more likely your visualization is to come true.

Love is the primary frequency of our universe. If you spend more time focusing on the love around you, you will see it amplify into your life. Just be open to all the possibilities in the universe. Love is the cosmic force that drives the universe. When you connect to that life, you ascend your frequency, and you create a beautiful shift within you. If we allow it to, love can change the world.


(Methods For Manifestation)

Method #1: Scripting

Write down the experience that you want to have, in present tense. For example, if you want to manifest a new car, you should write down on a piece of paper the following: ‘I am driving the most beautiful car. The color of my car is blue, and I am enjoying the view of the city with my best friend by my side, and we are listening to music.’ Thank the universe in advance: ‘Thank you, Universe, for the beautiful car that you have given me. I never imagined that I would have this.’ The Universe realizes that you do not have this experience yet, so it intervenes and gives you this experience.

Method #2: Gratitude Journal

Write down all the things you are grateful for every day. You are radiating much appreciation. Your vibration has shifted. The Universe will start supporting you more.

Method #3: Affirmations

Affirmations are statements that you can write down or state it to yourself (in front of the mirror). It is not about what you have — it is about what you wish to be, but it has to be stated in present tense. Example: If you wish to have a new car, your affirmation cab be: ‘I am so happy that I have a new car.’ If you want to experience a loving relationship, you can work with the affirmation: ’I am receiving all the love in the world.’ The ‘I am’ statements are very powerful. Affirmations help you create an energetic shift because your subconscious mind starts believing these statements and starts connecting you with the reality that you desire.’

Method #3: Write down the things that you love about yourself

To have the life you desire, it is important to heal the relationship that you have with yourself. This helps you strengthen your psyche, your internal world. Write ten things you love about yourself every day. This is a beginning of a healing process. This heals the heart chakra.

Be aware of the pitfalls that create frustrations during the manifestation process. The most common one is focusing on the lack, on what we do not have in our life. This creates more lack. Our mind starts focusing on lack, and it keeps reminding you of what you are missing.

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Shikha Aurora lives in the Democratic Republic of Congo. She is a school counselor and literature teacher. She is a Tarot reader, photographer and a freelance designer. She has also been practicing Reiki and soul retrieval for many years. She has worked as a mental health clinician in the US, supporting clients with PTSD and victims of violence. She has also worked with underprivileged senior citizens in old age homes. Her dream is to create a more peaceful, loving world, where children of the future can play and grow up safely.

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