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Spirituo-Scientific Temper

Updated: Oct 23, 2021

A scientific mindset has been the cornerstone of human development, achievement and progress, yet this scientific temper is not able to create happiness and contentment in people. Brahmarshi Patriji articulates how scientific temper which that has been used to explore the outer should be used to explore the inner as well.

The most important topic for human welfare and human development is scientific temper. Analysis, experiment, experience, research—all these constitute what is called a scientific temper. A human being ought to question everything—out of this questioning process comes the understanding process, and from the understanding process comes the development process.

Today, there is so much human development. It is all because of the scientific temper of the human beings. The science, the technology that we see all around us, is a result of the scientific temper. We see so many amenities, comforts, luxuries. We see the television, we see the internet, we see the jet plane, we see the light, the incandescent light. So many scientists have helped us, helped the humanity, to reach its present stage of development. The scientific temper has allowed the man to break open the atom. The scientific temper has allowed the humanity to set its foot on the Moon, to fly in the air.

However, we see so many wars, so many atrocities—one human being killing another human being. What a shame, what a lack of scientific temper! when it comes to eating! And dukkha, mental anguish is rampant in the human kingdom. While the scientific temper in terms of outer achievement has given humanity its present status, in real terms of happiness, humans still lag behind.

Where has the scientific temper gone? Why is there no smile on the face of a human being? Why is there greed on the face of the human being? Why is there disease, conflict, war? Why does a group of human beings kill another group of human beings? Why is the world crying? You seldom see happiness on the face of the human beings. Why is the innocence gone from the human face? You see all the people in a jet plane flying from one country to another country, and all of them are sad. Every human being is sad, full of sorrow!

That scientific temper, which could create a jet plane—why it is not able to create happiness in the human being? What is the end of the human being? If you earn one lakh rupees then you want to earn ten lakh rupees; if you earn ten lakh rupees, you want to earn one crore, and on and on and on. This is simply ridiculous! The scientific temper of the human being is lost. The happiness is lost. Only greed has stepped in. Only cruelty has stepped in. Only murder has stepped in.

The scientific temper which has been used by the humanity to explore the outer has to be used to explore the inner. The only human beings that have explored the inner are those like Jesus Christ, like Gautama Buddha. They are the real Masters of the scientific temper in terms of human life and values.

The time has come to use the scientific temper to produce happiness in human life, to produce beauty in human life, to produce harmony in human life, to establish peace on this planet. If you don't become a spiritual scientist, a spiritual person, then you have no scientific temper whatsoever. You are almost like a machine, copying the other guy. If he has got two cars, you want three cars. This is simply ridiculous. Man has ceased to become a decent being. Man has become a machine with a so-called scientific temper. What kind of temper is it, and what kind of science is it?

The Pyramid Spiritual Societies Movement (PSSM) is a part of the worldwide new-age spiritual movement, which restores the decency of a human being. Unless the scientific temper of the human being is turned towards finding out the real values of human life, the real purpose of human existence, we will not find a place in the creation. The humanity will have to be eliminated from the Planet Earth if it, as a whole, does not become like Gautama Buddha are Jesus Christ. These are the two examples of perfect human being, where there is no cruelty and where there is self-realization.

The scientific temper demands that you realize who you are, why you are born, what the purpose of your living is, and what should be your goal. These are the questions that one should put to one's own self. A person who doesn't put these questions is lacking utterly the scientific temper. Scientific temper means investigation of things. The one who does not investigate things doesn't have scientific temper. Buddha investigated himself. Jesus Christ investigated himself. And when they investigated their own selves, they found huge truths, and they distributed their experience to the whole of the humanity.

Meditation is the main tool of the scientific temper. Unless one makes one's own mind empty, the truth is not seen. The mind is the coloring agent of the human being. The mind creates things which it wants to see. Unless we clear the mind of all the debris, unless we make the mind empty, we cannot see the truth which exists as it is. And this is the purpose of the scientific temper—to see truth as it is, not as we want to see it. Meditation is the only way to make your mind silent. Jesus Christ did meditate and Gautama Buddha did meditate, and they found the truth—that they were not these physical bodies, that they were beautiful, eternal specks of consciousness.

The new scientific temper calls for meditation on the part of every human being. It is the inner education which is called the new scientific temper. PSSM is introducing this new scientific temper. It causes everybody to go into deep meditation, to find out one's own personal truth through personal experience, in the same way as Gautama Buddha did 2500 years ago, or Jesus Christ did 2000 years ago. PSSM is cautioning all the people to become Masters of this new Spiritual Science, of this new scientific temper, to understand one’s own Self. Not to eat unnecessarily, not to sleep unnecessarily, not to speak unnecessarily, not to interfere in other’s affairs unnecessarily. All these call forth the application of scientific temper in human affairs. The scientific temper has to be applied in human affairs, in human interactions and in human interrelationships. The scientific temper has to be applied in all the human equations. Where there is no application of the scientific temper in human equations, suffering is the result, sorrow is the result, degradation is the result.

Right from childhood, this new scientific temper has to be inculcated, so that every child grows as a beautiful human being, harmless human being, harmonious human being, divine human being, social human being—not anti-social. The new scientific temper demands that you spend with your own Self four to five hours a day, closing your own eyes, observing your breath, and living in your actual truth, which is beyond the wildest imagination. The actual truth is beyond the wildest imagination of a person who doesn't know Spiritual Science.

A human being is not a being restricted to the human body. A human being is a cosmic being, with wings spread out throughout the cosmos, living in several parallel universes simultaneously. Every human being is now required to realize its own cosmic nature, cosmic dimensions, through the application of the true scientific temper, which again means going into meditation. We are not beings limited to the human body—that has to be realized. We are cosmic human beings—we are cosmic beings presently in the human body! We have had no beginning and we will have no end. Our true nature is beyond the wildest imagination possible, and we have to own.

We have lost that paradise. We have to regain that paradise. The way to regain the paradise is to own the new scientific temperature which, in simple terms, means be a yogi. In Bhagavad Gita, Lord Krishna admonished Arjuna to become a yogi. That is the most fundamental demand from a perfected human being. Be a yogi—that is the application of the true scientific temper. Unless you become a yogi, there is no scientific temper whatsoever in you. To quote this particular shloka from Krishna: “Hey, Arjuna, be a yogi! You are a great warrior but of no use! You, yourself, are unhappy by killing.” Yes, killing always gives you unhappiness. Therefore, become a yogi. Become a champion of the true scientific temper by going into meditation—that is a one-line agenda for the whole humanity now. Become a yogi!

If you are not a yogi, then you are stuck up with being a rogi. The whole humanity is a rogi humanity, diseased humanity. Now the whole humanity has to become a yogi humanity, enlightened humanity. Without the application of the true scientific temper in terms of meditation, the whole humanity is a diseased humanity, a rogi humanity. And with the application of the scientific temper, with the application of the science of meditation, the whole humanity will immediately become an enlightened humanity—a yogi humanity.

So, the time has come for the whole humanity to become a yogi humanity. Every human being is now on a crucial, turning point. You have to become a yogi. Otherwise, the human kingdom will be eliminated from the Planet Earth.

The new scientific temper demands that we go into meditation, a lot of meditation. Magnificent meditation, beautiful meditation, glorious meditation—like that of Jesus Christ, and like that of Gautama Buddha. These are the two shining human beings with real scientific temper. So, Glory unto the royal scientific temper called as meditation! Glory unto the real scientific temper called as meditation! Glory onto the a real scientific temper called as meditation!

Adapted from a talk given by Brahamarshi Patriji on "Spirituo-scientific Temper".

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