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- A week long Summer Camp

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PVI learning Centre presents ‘Children in Nature’ – A holistic experiential summer course for students in the age group of 8 to 16 years.

Experiences and Activities - Outdoor activities  * Mountain Marvel * Nature trail * Bird watch * Stargaze Skills * Clay crafting * Mandala Art * Block printing * Farming  * Satvik cooking Self-Development  * Yoga  * Meditation * Service  * Session on self-management  Skills that supports academic excellence * Journaling * presentation skills * speed reading * Vedic maths Adventure Sports * Rope walk * Bungee Jumping * Paint ball * Human soccer * Land Zorbing * ATV Bike * Swimming

The camp is unique because it involves - WITNESSING A COMPLETE PROCESS - by providing guided opportunities for working with nature, children develop a sense of ease; it calms down urban restlessness and nurtures the unique need of all children: slowing down DEVELOPING DEEP SENSE OF WHOLENESS - through activities that involve observations of constellations to different life forms in nature children develop high level of understanding by connecting the dots. CREATING A SENSE OF RESPONSIBILITY - through easy practices in managing emotions that can be carried home; through practices that build energy and fitness UNDERSTANDING ‘HAPPINESS’ - by building ways for organic joy; decoupling happiness from the stimulus. By introduction to silence time, ‘Yoga-nidra’ and certain breathing practices DEVELOPING ABILITY TO FACE CHALLENGES - by offering unique child-friendly challenges that are fun but provoke deep reflection ACHIEVING ACADEMIC EXCELLENCE - Develop complementary skills and habits like reading, critical thinking, quantitative and spatial abilities and communication

Duration Weeklong - 6 days Reporting is on Sunday before 6pm, and departure is on Saturday after lunch for all the batches. Upcoming April - 1 st to 6 th 8 th to 13 th 15 th to 19 th 22 nd to 27 th 29 th to 4th May - 6 th to 11th 13 th to 18 th


CHILDREN IN NATURE- A week long Summer Camp
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