Pyramid Valley International & Buddha-CEO Quantum Foundation 

Online Workshop on
by Shreans Daga

Date : Jan 23 (Sat) & Jan 24 (Sun), 2021
Time : 5pm - 8pm IST over Zoom

Module 1 : Saturday  |  Module 2 : Sunday 


Join this Workshop to learn how to :

  • Learn to Repattern your Relationship

  • Transform relationships for a fulfilling and enriched life 

  • Heal yourself by healing your relationships 

  • Recognize you dominant relationship patterns

  • Break free from unconscious destructive behaviors and social conditioning

  • Drop the attitude of judgment and embrace acceptance

Topics covered : 

  • Significance of relationships to our happiness

  • Typical causes of strained relationships 

  • Seven Essene Mirrors of Relationship

  • Meditation to heal relationships

  • Understanding of control drama that we play
    within our day to day relationship

  • Transgenrational healing : Therapy to heal and transform yourself and your family

About speaker

Shreans Daga is the Vice-chairman of Pyramid Valley International, Shreans Daga has aided hundreds of masters in spreading their light around the world and guides people to transform their lives through love-based changes to create a brand-new, empowered reality. Shreans main focus and research has led him to discover the world of Quantum Energy Medicine and the Science of Spirituality. 

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