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Stillness in Art

Join a 4-day



Basics of effective DSLR camera use
@ Pyramid Valley, Bengaluru
 March 7th to 10th, 2024 
Be Still. See Better. Click Better.

We are thrilled to invite you to a 4-day residential photography and holistic retreat. Join us for an immersive experience where you will have the opportunity to learn, explore and create using your DSLR Camera.


Learn and expand your photography skills to capture story telling images.


This retreat has spirituality at its core, and we’ve designed certain tasks, project and challenges that tinker with your inner self. Learn Breath-Mindfulness Meditation.


Remind you to declutter your mind and nudge you to go within. Capture the right frame with stillness of mind. 


Connect deeply with the scene and take photographs at a higher level of attention and awareness. 

This retreat is for those who wish to learn basics of photography and in the process unravel the purity that lies deep within each one of us.


Visual magic is constantly unfolding in front you. Be ready to capture it brilliantly. 


  • Practice of Breath-mindfulness Meditation

  • Fundamentals of Photography

  • Aperture, Shutter Speed and ISO

  • Mastering the Manual and other Camera Modes

  • Composition

  • Light & Shadow

  • Content creation & Story Telling Images

  • Basics of editing


  • Learning Basics of Photography using DSLR camera

  • Meditation & Mindfulness

  • Journalling 

  • Reflection / Me-time

  • Fresh Sattvic Meals

  • Photo Critique

  • Photo Contest

Program rules & criteria:

  • All participants must be older than 12 years and sufficiently fit to be able to move around the campus comfortably.

  • All participants should have access to DSLR camera to practice photography. If in case you do not have access to a DSLR camera, please contact Nimisha at email:

  • Session starts on 7th March, 10.00am and ends on 10th March, 6pm.

  • Check-in on Mar 7th, before 9am and check-out on Mar 10th, after 7pm. 

Program donation for all 4-days based on the choice of accommodation:

  • Dormitory (separate for Gents, Ladies): Rs. 9200 per person

  • Twin Sharing, AC Deluxe rooms : Rs. 12200 per person

  • Single occupancy, AC Deluxe rooms (limited): Rs. 15200 per person


Program donation includes vegetarian food, accommodation charges and venue costs. More info on the accommodation type, are available at number of participants is limited to only 30 seats max. Book your slot at the earliest.

Consider your payment receipt sent on your registered email as confirmation.

You will receive a phone call and an email explaining more details on the program approximately 3days before the start of the program.

Workshop facilitated by:

Devang Portrait Photo.JPG

Devang, a professional photographer, is very passionate about making compelling images. A meditator, traveller and an optimist. A keen observer of all things visual. After his double post graduate from the UK and working in a corporate job with an MNC bank, he decided to nurture his childhood hobby into a full-time profession. Since then he has worked in various genres in photography like corporates, manufacturing, commercial ads, architecture, products, weddings etc. catering to many small and large companies to capture their people, products and services helping them elevate their brand image.


He enjoys curating experiences for corporates, start-ups and enthusiasts through his workshops, courses and retreats on photography.


He believes that photography as tool, can take you in a meditative state and help one go inwards and connect with their inner-self. He incorporates spirituality in the design of the exercise and challenges in his photography courses. 

Sai KrupaSagar is an avid meditator, mind explorer and business leader.


Sai has realised profound benefits from a regular and consistent meditation practice of 20 years. He now shares his knowledge and experience on the significance of meditation for peak performance.


He is a trained coach and public speaker. He has been conducting online courses and in-person retreats on 'Stillness'.


He currently serves as the Trustee of Pyramid Valley International, Bengaluru and is a CEO of a mindset transformation startup.

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