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Join FREE 1-day workshop on

November 19th, 2022

10am to 6pm

Venue: Pyramid Adhyatma Dhyanalaya, (City Centre of Pyramid Valley)
Jayanagar 9th Block, Bengaluru
Is that constant noise in your mind bothering you?

That mind chatter prevents you from enjoying life’s precious moments. You can get rid of that chatter and experience PEACE and Joy by learning tools and techniques from Yogic science.

- What is Consciousness?
- How conscious living leads to health and happiness?
- What prevents us from living consciously?
- Neuroscience of Thoughts and Feelings
- Science of conscious presence & mindfulness
- 3 simple techniques to practice conscious living



Dr. Sai Krupa Sagar

Sai KrupaSagar is an avid meditator, mind explorer and technology business leader. Sai has realized profound benefits from a regular and consistent meditation practice of 17+ years. He now shares his knowledge and experience through teaching, speaking and writing on Meditation and Spiritual Science. He is a trained coach and public speaker. He currently serves as the Managing Trustee of Pyramid Valley International, Bengaluru. He drives online Anapanasati meditation courses and the Stillness Retreat @Pyramid Valley - which have benefited hundreds of people.

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