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Tarot Cards


Mar. 26th to 27th

Blue Smoke


A TAROT CARD is in essence a map of the soul and also a guide to help us in self-empowerment .Tarot cards are a form of divination ,which essentially means working with help from the divine or your higher self. This is the ultimate purpose of tarot cards.  Tarot cards have to be studied from the type of decks to what each card represents.

    The process that guides Tarot cards is known as Synchronocity ,a term coined by psychologist Carl Jung to describe the temporally coincident occurrences of events. In synchronocity, there is no distinction between inner and outer. The choice of a card is exactly what your higher self already knows. The cards always work. It is not magic. Tarot cards are a Sacred Mirror. In view of the spiritual accuracy that most tarot cards are offering to mankind, they are much sought after.  

   Psychotherapist Robert Hopcke whose stories stress on the role of Tarot cards in our lives, states that  it is our inner state (that includes feelings, dreams, intuitions, longings, etc.) connected to external events and the meaning we make of these two realities brought together, that add up to a synchronistic event.

   A synchronocity can serve as a guidance, caution, affirmation, creative inspiration  and/or as evidence of individuation and psychological growth. 

Benefits of the program: -

  • Release your trauma

  • Get insight into your future

  • Helps to know the purpose of your life

  • Unlock your full potential

  • Help you to lead a holistic life

Topics: -

  • Meditation and its importance

  • Full moon Meditation

  • know the purpose of life?

  • Angel's messages

  • Importance of Plant-based food

  • Pyramid and Crystal Energy for Meditation

About the speaker



Purneema is a Certified Tarot Card reader, Meditation teacher and Life Coach. Passionate about helping others discover their highest selves, and and has conducted many sessions and workshops in India & UAE in this vein. she has conducted sessions in Tarot Card Reading. She is the Founder and CEO of FeathersNdecks, an enterprise for Tarot Wisdom.

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