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Brahmarshi Pitamaha Dr. Patriji

Founder, Pyramid Spiritual Societies Movement

Brahmarshi Pitamaha Dr. Patriji realized the power of meditation through his profound experiences early in his life and attained enlightenment in the Year 1979. Starting from a simple background as an executive in a Fertilizer Company in Andhra Pradesh, Patriji's mission has been to promote Meditation and Vegetarianism to people all over the world. 

His approach has been completely scientific and secular without invoking any religious symbolism. Patriji has founded the Pyramid Spiritual Societies Movement in the Year 1990 with the objective of spreading the message of spiritual and vegetarian living to all humanity !


About Us

Inspired by the vision of our Founder Brahmarshi Dr.Patriji — “Masters of the World… Unite” — Pyramid Valley is set up with a core objective of providing a COMMON PLATFORM for all world spiritual masters, to collaborate for a peaceful and love-filled planet Earth in the shortest possible time.

Key Activities :

  • Conduct regular classes, workshops and seminars on Science of Meditation and New Age Spirituality

  • Facilitate conduct of workshops by corporate bodies and organizations which have similar objectives

  • Propagate the concept of Pyramid Energy and encourage construction of pyramids by involvement of qualified personnel

  • Provide opportunities to browse literature on experiences of spiritual masters across the World

  • Publish meditational experiences and spiritual transformation of all spiritual seekers in several world languages

  • Publish literature to propagate meditation and vegetarianism, and booklets to encourage construction of pyramids and to spread awareness about the importance of Pyramid Energy

  • Carry out spiritual research activities and publish research findings

  • Facilitate setting up centres to monitor and conduct research on matters allied to Spiritual Sciences, such as: study of aura, past life therapies, tarot reading, quantum energy etc.,

  • Celebrate Buddha-Purnima with “Akhanda-Dhyana” by thousands of spiritual masters and seekers at important power spots

  • Organize the annual “Global Festival of Spiritual Sciences” conference with several New Age Spiritual Masters and Researchers from around the world

  • Conduct workshops, meetings & conferences around the world on Spiritual Sciences through the involvement of IFSS

The Pyramid Spiritual Trust (India)

This center is set up and run by The Pyramid Spiritual Trust (India), a core organization of Pyramid Spiritual Societies Movement.


The Trust, a not-for-profit spiritual organization, was founded by Brahmarshi Patriji in 2003, with the goal to set up an International Meditational University near Bangalore, India. This center, named “Maitreya-Buddha Vishwalayam” and also fondly called “Pyramid Valley” is expected to become the central nucleus of all the activities of the Pyramid Spiritual Societies Movement (PSSM).

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