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We are excited to announce the launch of a new project NANDANVAN GAUSHALA within the campus of Pyramid Valley International. The goal of this project is to elevate the pristine energies of Pyramid Valley, help in expanding the output from our organic farm and provide an opportunity for you to connect to the divinity of cows.

Nandanvan Gaushala Photos

Gaushala inaugurated by Padmasri D.R. Kaarthikeyan and Pari Patri on auspicious Buddha Poornima;
May 16th, 2022 at Pyramid Valley International

Pyramid Valley International houses an organic farm and a free food facility, Annadāna. By establishing a third system — an organic cow farm — we aim to create a symbiotic cycle that is eco-friendly, chemicals-free,  sustainable, relies on organic fertilizers, maintains the balance of the natural resources, ensures proper waste management, and produces healthy milk and ghee for our visitors and resident meditators. 

This project also contributes to our commitment to protecting all living beings and treating them in a dignified manner. In contrast to conventional cow farming practices, organic cow farms provide holistic animal welfare of the dairy cows, including quality feeding, absence of pain and fear, and resting comfort. The cow is regarded as a sacred animal in India, representing Mother Earth, Nature’s generosity, and abode of the highest divine principles. Protecting the cow is the highest ethical responsibility.


Donation to a Gaushala has traditionally been considered a sacred and auspicious act which bestows spiritual merit for the donor. The donations are used towards providing adequate shelter, fodder, hygiene and medical care for the cows.

Connect to the divine energies by getting involved now.

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