The Pyramid Spiritual Trust is a non-profit spiritual organization. It primarily depends on contributions from philanthropic organizations and individuals.

To continue to fulfill our mission of spreading meditation and vegetarianism, we need support of friends like you. Your contributions strengthen our efforts towards this noble public cause.

Consider making a contribution to Pyramid Valley today, and with your assistance, we will achieve a peaceful Planet Earth very soon.

Nitya Annadana

Lakhs of meals are served free to visiting meditators, staff, volunteers and residents to enable them to focus on their meditation practice or help them serve other meditators. Serving free food is a 'dharma' many people exercise on their special days like birthdays, anniversaries and other celebrations. 

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Several types of trees, lush green lawns, well-designed gardens, water bodies and organic farms cover the vast expanse of the 30-acre campus. The campus also has buildings that house rooms to stay, conference halls, dining halls and cafeteria.