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Maitreya Buddha Pyramid

Welcome to the mystical Pyramid Valley…nestled in the serene and pollution-free environs, just outside Bengaluru City, where the pristine beauty of nature overcomes the conditioned human limitations, and you become one with the elements of the universe.  


The journey from the entrance to the Pyramid — through beautiful landscape of rocks, lush green gardens, soothing water bodies and pathways — helps you transcend the mind towards calmness. The peaceful meditative Buddha at the entrance of the Pyramid is a perfect setting to be one with yourself.


It is no wonder that the Pyramid Valley has earned the distinction of being chosen by the daily ‘Bangalore Mirror’ as one of the ‘Seven Wonders of Bengaluru’. Pyramid Valley is a paradise where the spiritual and emotional needs are met. You can relax, meditate, be one with nature, or experiment by learning new life skills. It is also a place to encounter the experiences of world’s spiritual masters, and develop a holistic approach to life and learning.


The Maitreya Buddha Pyramid inside the Pyramid Valley occupies a base area of 160’ x160’ and is as tall as a ten-storey building at a 102 ft. height. It can accommodate about 5,000 meditators at a time.  


The Pyramid is constructed on the principles of the Great Pyramid of Giza. Oriented exactly in the North – South direction, the four faces of the Pyramid have the golden angle of inclination at 51°50’. The King’s Chamber is located at the centre of the Pyramid, at 1/3rd the height from the base the Pyramid.  


Thousands of people meditate daily inside the Pyramid and hence there is stupendous energy available for everyone to get recharged.

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