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To facilitate the on-campus experience for all our visitors, Pyramid Valley operates the Annadāna Dining hall. This enables visitors and residential meditators to utilize and spend maximum time in the Valley. Vegetarian, sattvic food is served free to all for lunch and dinner. A healthy intake of food is necessary for the body and the soul. During meditation, spiritual seekers need to be free from the basic bodily needs in order to accelerate their learning and self-development. By availing the facility of Nitya Annadāna Seva , meditators are able to spend longer periods immersed in intense meditation practice.

Vegetarian Cafe

Pyramid Valley also has a cafeteria that serves a variety of Western and Indian style vegetarian snacks and meals. It is an ideal place to hang out and enjoy the scenic beauty of the Valley. The Vegetarian Cafe also has a mini library to quench your spiritual thirst, while you sip and dip.

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