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Pyramid Spiritual Science Academy &
Pyramid Valley International

3day residential program

Applied Meditation &
Spiritual Science 

Certificate Program - Level 2

Dec 2nd - 4th, 2022
10am to 5pm

About the Course

  • The course is a syllabus driven one for detailed study.

  • The subjects are authoritative and can be quoted in any international forum.

  • The PSSA is duly registered in India and qualified to teach Yoga Education as an affiliate of Bangalore University, Government of Karnataka, India for their courses.


1. To introduce the fundamentals of SS [SS-Spiritual Science].

2. To instill a commitment to Meditation & SS.

3. To be clear about the concepts of emotions.

4. To arouse positivity and togetherness in life.

5. To eliminate fear psychosis of life.

6. And of course, to communicate to others with confidence

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Established under the Chairmanship of Brahmarshi Pitamaha Patriji in the year 2010 as an education wing of the PSSM India for imparting spiritual education in certified courses in addition to discourses. Now, this has grown nationally and internationally. Apart from all major cities in India, countries abroad cover Cairo, Malaysia, Hoch Minh City, Hanoi, Shanghai, Bhutan etc. PSSA has MoUs with Digital Wellness University-South Korea, Vedic Wellness University-Florida, University of Technology-Jaipur, India and affiliation with Bangalore University, India on Yoga Studies. 


Dr. B. Sivaramappa

Ph.D. Yoga

Managing Director, PSSA

Dr. B. Sivaramappa is a new-age spiritual master, an awardee of the title ‘Brahmarshi’ and ‘Dhyana Rathna’ for his outstanding work in the field of Meditation. He is awarded “Best Researcher of the Year 2019”. He is currently Managing Director of Pyramid Spiritual Science Academy, Bengaluru, India. He designed meditation courses for the public and compiled Spiritual Science Text Books for Standards VI to XII and degree classes for the student community. He has to his credit thousands of classes/discourses in and around India and overseas also. He got this academy affiliated to Bangalore University, India for teaching Yoga Studies Courses


'Yoga Mitra'

Dr. A. Subramanian

Prinicipal, PSSA

'Yogamitra' Dr. A. Subramanian (Subbu Bhaiya) has been a well acclaimed teacher of Dhyana Yoga and Kreeda Yoga for nearly two decades. He has obtained his Master’s degree in Yogic Science and Doctorate in Yoga-Spirituality. Hundreds of Yoga Teachers trained by him are successfully teaching across the globe. He is currently the Principal of Pyramid Spiritual Science Academy (PSSA) and is a recipient of Many prestigious awards and also serves a standing committee member of the executive body of Indian Yoga Association, New Delhi.


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