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Pyramid Valley Annadana Seva

The Pyramid Valley International welcomes you to enjoy it's green and serene natural environs that will charm any nature lover along with every spiritual seeker. As an essential service to all visitors and meditators- all are welcome to our Dining Hall which provides pure vegetarian meals.

“NITYA Annadana Seva” started in the year 2009 and 20 lakh free meals have been served till the year 2020.

We seek your support and patronage to strengthen our efforts in keeping this service running in the long-term. 

This is an opportunity to involve in a spiritual act as well as an appeal for generous donations from individuals and organizations alike.  

“One can reach a person’s heart only
through the stomach.”

                                               - Brahmarshi Patriji 

Choose between these two options:

Monthly Contributing Membership :

Rs. 500 per person per month


Monthly Contributing Membership :

Rs. 1000 per person per month


The amount you spend on one family dinner at a restaurant can help 10 people spend a day in silence and meditation. 

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