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21-day FREE online session in English

Meditation for Beginners


Dec 1st - 21st, 9pm to 10pm IST

11.30am to 12.30pm ET

(40 min Meditation followed by Wisdom talk and Q&A over Zoom)

Doing Meditation is an unending joy!
Teaching Meditation is an unending work!! 

- Brahmarshi Patriji

Let's experience the thought-free state by being with our Normal & Natural Breath

Benefits of Meditation

  • Mind always stays in a peaceful and joyous state

  • Memory power increases

  • All work gets done with greater efficiency

  • Sleep-time requirements get reduced

  • Thought power gets tremendously boosted

  • Healing happens naturally

  • Ability to discern 'right' from 'wrong' gets sharpened

  • Purpose of life is better understood

  • Relationships become more meaningful and fulfilling



R. Chandra Mohan

Program Director,
Pyramid Valley International

Chandra Mohan as an ardent meditator, began his spiritual journey in the year 2000, inspired by Patriji’s teachings. His intimate association with Patriji and the PSSM changed his life towards thinking miraculously and working in service of spirituality. He is a well-known anchor of the “Swarnamrutham” & “Dhyanamrutham” web-series, having hosted hundreds of episodes on the Pyramid Meditation Channel. He has also directed several spiritual music videos of Patriji and a number of short films.

He has been the Director of Programs at Pyramid Valley International for the last 10 years. He is also Chief Co-ordinator of Pyramid Valley Nitya Annadana Seva and Joint Secretary of Pyramid Music Meditation Academy.
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