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Mar 13th to Mar 23rd, 2024 

5am – 6.15am IST

April 6, 2021 – Reverse Ritual.gif
Step-by-Step approach to Breath-Mindfulness

Discover Inner Stillness and Peace

Learn and practice; tips and mini-steps towards effective breath meditation

Every day you will practice new steps and techniques that will

help you become an effective meditator.

Each session will have:

  • 45 mins – Practice of techniques and meditation

  • 15 mins – Explanation

  • 15 mins – Q & A

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Dr. Sai Krupa Sagar

Sai KrupaSagar is an avid meditator, mind explorer and technology business leader. Sai has realised profound benefits from a regular and consistent meditation practice of 15+ years. He now shares his knowledge and experience through teaching, speaking and writing on Meditation and Spiritual Science. He is a trained coach and public speaker. He has been conducting classes on Anapanasati meditation and Yoga Sutras since the past 4 years through in-person classes in London and Bengaluru and through online classes globally.


He currently serves as the Managing Trustee of Pyramid Valley International, Bengaluru. He drives the APS21 (online) Anapanasati Foundation course and the Stillness Retreat @Pyramid Valley - which have benefited hundreds of people.

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