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Terms & Conditions 

Donotion and Sponsorship Benefits
July 2022


Please read through the below terms and conditions regarding the applicability and usage of donor benefits. The main applicant of Silver / Gold / Platinum / Diamond sponsorship is considered the “primary donor member”.

  1. Duration of Benefits: All donor benefits start from the date of inauguration or opening of the new room block “Patriji Bhavan” and continue for 15-years from that date. For the initial calendar year the benefits will be prorated based on number of months available in the remaining part of the calendar year. Subsequently all benefits will be tracked / accrue on the bases of calendar year – from January 1 to December 31 each year. For sponsorships after the inauguration of the Patriji Bhavan, the 15-year period will begin from the date of full payment of donation amount.

  2. Free room allowance: The primary donor member will be eligible for free room allocation for the specified number of days as per the sponsorship category, subject to availability of rooms during the requested dates. If rooms are not available for those dates, then alternate dates should be chosen. If any number of days from the free room allowance is not used in a particular calendar year, they can be used in the subsequent one calendar year only. They will not carry forward to the second year. Only one room is allowed to be booked and used at a time under the free room allowance days.

  3. Non-availability of free room allowance during ‘Special Event Dates’: Special Event Dates are dates of ‘special events’ as identified by the Pyramid Valley Management. These are the dates blocked for large events like Buddha Poornima celebrations (normally during the month of May), Global Congress of Spiritual Scientists and the Pyramid Music Meditation Festival. Availability of rooms to donor members during these ‘special event dates’ is limited to certain categories like Platinum / Room donor member and Diamond / Facility sponsor /Patron donor member and their referrals. 

  4. Referrals of friends and family – For certain categories of sponsorships - Gold/Room co-sponsor, Platinum/Room sponsor and Patron/Diamond/Facility sponsor -  the primary donor can allow their friends and extended family to use the free days allocation for one room at a time. The number of days of use by friends/family will be deducted from the overall free days allowance for one sponsor/membership. The referred friends/family should carry the donor/member card of the primary donor member or an email must be sent from the primary donor member’s registered email-id with relevant details at the time of booking. The availability of rooms and maximum number of persons allowed per room will be the same as per the rules applicable to all at that time. All guests staying in the rooms must adhere to all the rules and regulations during their stay and pay the relevant maintenance fees. The primary donor member is accountable for the conduct of the referred friends/family.

  5. Maintenance donation: All guests, including the primary donor members and/or their friends/families, who are using the free room allowance must pay a nominal donation amount towards daily maintenance costs prevalent during the time of their stay. The maintenance amount will be published beforehand and will be revised based on the cost of maintenance.

  6. Duration of extended stay: Guests wanting to continue their dhyana sadhana earnestly may stay for duration longer than 7-days at a time – subject to availability. However, to ensure availability of rooms to others, donor members and guests can stay continuously only for a max of 21-days at a time, in one quarter. The number of continuous-days allowed may be altered depending on demand or special event dates. Additional days of continuous stay or gap between two stays is based on validation and approval from Managing Trustee. Extended/continuous stay is not allowed during special event dates. There should be a minimum gap of 30-days between two extended stays (more than 7 days).

  7. Other discounts for donor members: The following additional discounts are provided as benefits:

    1. After exhausting the free days allowance, the donor members can avail a discount of 20% on prevailing room rates of standard & deluxe rooms for a maximum of 21-days in a year. Room allotment is subject to availablility during the required dates. For those category of memberships for which 'referrals of family and friends' is allowed, this discount is allowed for referred friends and family also. The referal process and continuous stay rules, as outlined above in point #4 and #6, are applicable for this 'discounted stay' also. All the discounted days across all referrals of the primary donor will count towards the maximum limit of 21-days per year. This discounted days will not carry forward to next or subsequent years. 

    2. Donor members can avail of 10% discount on Workshops and Trainings conducted by Pyramid Valley. This is not applicable on programs or workshops conducted by other organizations or 3rd party.  This discount is applicable to only one person per sponsorship/membership per workshop/training. 


Any change in terms and conditions related to donor benefits will be communicated in advance.

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