Gratitude creates Abundance & Joy

Group Meditation with Gratitude

21-day FREE online course (in English)

to realise your true inner joy with the art and science of Breath-Meditation

Date: Oct 11th to 31st, 2021  |  Time: 9pm to 10pm IST

“Gratitude is what we are without a story”
– Byron Katie

“The more gratitude I feel,
the more I am aware that the supply is endless”
– Louise Hay


Join a daily 60-minute session live on
Zoom online for 21-days and experience the benefits yourself.

Typical Class Structure:
•    Initial Instructions: 5mins
•    Guided Meditation with Music: 30 mins
•    Topic Talk: 15 mins
•    Q & A Time: 10 mins (Optional)

Things you will learn : 

1.    Power of Gratitude
2.    Benefits of expressing Gratitude
3.    How to balance Emotions
4.    Importance of Self-Love
5.    Holistic Well-being
6.    Gratitude as a daily practice
7.    Thought Forms
8.    Gratitude becoming your attitude

Speakers :

Shalini Buddha


Shalini is an ardent meditator who began her spiritual journey from schooling. She's been associated with PSSM from 15+ years. 

Shalini has been playing an active role in Pyramid Valley since 10 years. She has taught the science of Meditation to thousands of seekers in multiple languages.

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Ananthi Vijay

Ananthi is a Holistic Happiness Coach and a senior meditator practicing Anapanasati meditation for a decade now. A mechanical engineer by education, a software engineer by profession, has now been dedicating her full time to spread meditation. She is a volunteer for Pyramid Valley International (PVI) for the past 8+ years. Ananthi teaches meditation to her friends, relatives, children and corporates, and has introduced meditation to thousands of seekers in the last 5 years. At present, she is a part of the various digital sessions conducted by PVI, PMC Tamil, PSSM Global, PSSM USA, Buddha CEO and PSSA Global and has conducted more than 450 online meditation sessions.