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Science of Happiness

Mar 19th & 20th

Is your happiness based on something / some person / some action?

Let’s envision…

Is a wealthy fellow’s happiness based on his or her wealth?

Or, is a celebrity’s bliss based on his or her fame?

Or, is an outstanding ruler or a muscular man’s bliss based on his or her physical qualities?

Or, a socialite whose bliss is based on status, or being preferred by others?

Or, a social media enthusiast whose bliss is based on likes or devotees or re-tweets?

               Let’s analyze and understand the basics together …

This program includes knowledge sharing on the following topics:

  • Levels of Happiness

  • Happiness Analysis

  • Science of Letting Go

  • Becoming Fearless

  • Enhancing your Inner Strength

  • Abundance

  • Gratitude and Wellbeing 


You will learn the basics of Anapanasati meditation along with understanding your own self with self-introspection activities … Your inner journey with the guidance from your own self-awareness begins here …

About the speaker

WhatsApp Image 2022-03-03 at 2.51.11 PM.jpeg

Ananthi Vijay

Ananthi Vijay, is a Holistic Happiness Coach and has been conducting many meditation sessions for spreading the wonderful message of joy and happiness which she discovered with the practice of regular Anapanasati meditation. She has been doing Anapanasati meditation for the past 10 years and now inspires with the true effects of meditation to everyone around her.

From the role of being a student to a mechanical engineer to a software engineer, next, a home maker and then to a meditator, Ananthi discovered the art of ‘Just Being Happy’ with meditation. Now, she is a creator, an entrepreneur and, the list never ends … a happy student forever…

Ananthi is a Director at Pyramid Spiritual Science Academy (PSSA) Global, the eminent education wing of the world-famous spiritual Pyramid Spiritual Science Movement (PSSM), with its international headquarters at Pyramid Valley International (PVI), Bengaluru. And, she is a volunteer for their literary and online activities.


She is also a good dancer and has performed on various occasions. Ananthi is a volunteer in various civilian groups and helps for the better living of its citizens in her locality.


Ananthi has been conducting meditation sessions on Zoom nowadays and has conducted more than 450 online meditation sessions and is inspiring people with the pure joy called SMILE!

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