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June 23rd to 25th

Cultivate Your Inner Wisdom: The 'Be a Master' Workshop awaits you

Attend this 3day residential program at Pyramid Valley International

Brahmarshi Patriji addresses everyone as 'My Dear Friends, Masters & Gods'. Becoming a Master in Meditation is a process that requires commitment to practice and self-discovery.


This program emphasizes several critical components that assist us in

  • Discovering our Authentic Self

  • Enhancing our Inner Perceptions

  • Reveling in Life's Joys

  • Comprehending the Everlasting Spiritual Journey

Keep in mind, achieving Mastery in Meditation doesn't mean reaching a particular result or perfection. It's a transformative process that enhances our relationship with ourselves and the current moment.

Enjoy the process, be kind to yourself, and embrace the ongoing growth and discovery that Meditation offers.

BE - don't try to become
- Osho

The World Health Organisation (WHO) defines HEALTH as 'a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity. 

This is the perfect opportunity to devote time to 'YOURSELF'. Are you prepared to rejuvenate your BODY, MIND, and SOUL?

The program's donation is determined by your accommodation preference:

  • Dormitory (separate for Gents, Ladies): Rs. 2500 per person

  • Twin Sharing, Deluxe rooms (limited) : Rs. 3500 per person

  • Single occupancy, Deluxe rooms (limited): Rs. 5500 per person

* The donation covers only basic accommodation and conference hall costs. We can only accommodate 40 participants, so secure your spot as soon as possible.

​Free dormitory accommodation is available upon request for those who qualify. Please dial +91 8147093628 to make your request

Your payment receipt, which will be sent to your registered email, serves as your confirmation.

Roughly four days prior to the program's commencement, you'll receive a call or an email with additional information about the program.


Paper Craft

Meet your Masters


Chandu & Shalini

Chandu and Shalini have been part of Grand Master Patriji's PSSM community for over twenty years. Their shared interest in meditation brought them together, and their mutual commitment to spiritual service is their binding force.

Their decade-long involvement at Pyramid Valley International has fortified their partnership in Spiritual Science. They've educated over a million individuals in meditation, using multiple languages. This duo has also organized numerous large-scale PSSM events and spearheaded spiritual shows like Enlightenment Hour, Swarnamrutham, Dhyanamrutham, and many more.

They resonate deeply with Patriji's teaching, 'Live Life to the Fullest,' which they strive to embody and better comprehend through their meditation practice.

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