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3 reasons why a spiritual retreat at Pyramid Valley is significantly unique

A spiritual retreat at Pyramid Valley is unique and can be a life-altering experience for you. Here are three top reasons why a retreat at Pyramid Valley is very unlike any other.

The significance of a Spiritual Retreat for your Wellbeing

A retreat is a space and a time which you gift to yourself. It is an opportunity to detox, both physically and mentally, to release the stress accumulated through your daily activities, and to reconnect with yourself through meditation. Whether you are a novice meditator or an adept seeker on the path of the inner journey, a spiritual retreat can be of tremendous benefit for your spiritual practice. By leaving behind the noise of the marketplace, and by abandoning, for a few days, the monotony of your everyday activities, you are giving yourself a chance to re-center and heal any disbalances that might be putting a strain on your ability to lead a fulfilling life. Be generous to yourself; give yourself the gift of rejuvenation, tranquility and inner growth. Take a peak into the field of unlimited potential.

Stillness Amidst Pyramid Valley’s Natural Beauty

Pyramid Valley is a perfect place to learn and practice the art of stillness and mindfulness. It is not an ashram, nor a typical wellness center, and you will be amazed by the beauty and the tranquility of its luscious nature. The moment you step into the campus, you know that you have stepped into a magical place. You are surrounded by spacious lawns, organic farms and coconut groves, water bodies, hiking treks, unique viewpoints for outdoors meditation, an exquisite zen garden, beautiful pieces of art, and a magnificent huge pyramid built for meditation. Enveloped in greenery, the campus gives you the opportunity to stay close to nature, yet it also provides modern facilities. At Pyramid Valley, you can decide the level of comfort you wish to experience during the retreat, as you are offered a variety of accommodation, and a range of dining options.

Learning Stillness the Right Way

A typical spiritual retreat can either be a time spent in silence (mauna), solitude and intensive meditation, or a vibrant community experience, including meetings with masters, opportunity to serve (seva), and dynamic environment (for example, meditating at multiple power spots). Both the approaches have their advantages and limitations, as they often address the needs of only a particular group of spiritual explorers and seekers. However, true stillness is a mastery of both — the ability to be tranquil and content in states of prolonged silence and meditation, as well as the capacity to share and amplify your inner joy through your service and interaction with others. A retreat at Pyramid Valley exposes you to the multiple facets of practicing stillness and mindfulness. You get to spend time in complete silence, a time to walk and meditate in nature, a chance to feel the fascinating energy of the pyramid, and an opportunity to engage in service (seva).

Pyramid Valley International conducts a 7-day Stillness Retreat every alternate month. Please check the page for details and registration for the upcoming event in February 2021.

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