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Attain Nadabrahma State Through Veena Music Meditation

Updated: Nov 23, 2020

Goddess Saraswati — the archetype of pure consciousness — is portrayed playing a veena, since the universe is made of frequency and vibrations. The circular bead in one of her hands denotes the rhythm of the universe. When the musical instrument is not played, what remains is the primordial sound (Naad Brahma) or emptiness.

The essence of soul is sat-chit-ananda, which means that consciousness is bliss. We, as jiva-atma, are in a state of physical existence. The physical existence is controlled by the mind and the five senses. But there is also a non-physical aspect of existence, known as nirgun nirakar (formless essence of the Soul).

All words are first coded by the speaker and then received by the listeners. The listeners need to be well-versed with the language, in order to be able to decode the message. The mind, by default, is always active. The mind is the instrument which performs this coding-decoding process. As long as the mind remains active, one cannot connect at the Soul level. It is therefore necessary to put the mind on “pause mode.”

The moment any note is played, the mind is unable to figure out the corresponding physical reality of the signal received. This automatically puts the mind in a “pause mode.” We shut our connection to the physical world. This process of connection with the Soul is meditation. Soul is abstract, so we need to master the language of abstraction. The sound of veena has no form, no color, but only vibrational energy and silence. The Soul understands this language and slips into sat-chit-ananda, which is its natural state. So, we are using the language of the abstract in order to understand the language of the Soul.

Anahata (Heart Chakra) in the Sanskrit language means “unstruck.” By using one hand, a sound cannot be produced. So, how can Anahata Chakra produce sound? In order to activate Anahata Chakra, one has to also activate Sahasrara Chakra (the 1008 petals). These 1008 petals are micro-antennae which are connected to the universal frequency. Once the Heart Chakra is activated, the 1008 micro-antennae will start downloading the frequency of the universe, which is bliss. Once this bliss reaches the heart, it starts oozing with the energy of sat-chit-ananda. That leads to the state of peace. While the sound is vibrating with love and peace, there is no enemy within or without. This enables us express our joy, and become creative in everything we do.

The sound Om is called Naad, because it deals with the power of manifestation. Many spiritual traditions in India use the seed mantra Om to create Maha Mantra. In Buddhist Vajrayana tradition, the mantra is Om Mani Padme Hum. In Jainism, it is Om Veetragay Namah. In the Shivaite tradition, it is Om Namah Shivaya. In Vaishnavism, the mantra used is Om Bhagavate Vasudevaye. In Sikkhism, it is Ek Onkar. In the Vedanta tradition, there is no form of worship; only the Om symbol is displayed in their worship area. All these traditions use Om as a seed (vibrational energy) to connect with the Universe. Through the sound of Om we, as microcosm, connect with the macrocosm.

There are four levels of consciousness. When we are awake and active, we are in Beta state (frequency band of 13-30Hz). Once we close our eyes, the brain stops processing external stimuli, and it enters Alpha state (8-12Hz). The dream state is characterized by rapid-eye movement, and while in it, we connect with the subconscious mind. In the state of sushupti, however, we enter a deep dreamless sleep. The dream state I called by the neuroscientists Delta state (4-8Hz). The most interesting is turya vasta (the fourth state), also called Delta state (<4Hz). This is a deep trance state. In the fourth state, one connects with the universal frequency and downloads it.

There are three levels of knowledge: written knowledge, knowledge through reason/logic, and experiential knowledge. Veena music meditation enables us to taste sat-chit-ananda.

We are all universal Souls from different star systems. The purpose of our life on the Earth is to have a “vacation time.” Mother Earth has a beautiful eco-system where one can enjoy. But while we are here, we are under the spell of maya (illusion). The purpose of our life consists of Five E’s: Explore, Experiment, Experience, Enjoy and Evolve. But the spell of maya makes us forget our purpose. We replaced them with two other E’s: Ego and Entanglement of karmic trap. Ego deals with amassing power, wealth and control. Ego is fearful of losing all the possessions, and it operates from the ‘enemy syndrome.’

All ego-based Souls operate from the Solar Plexus, because this chakra gives power. We need to migrate from the Solar Plexus Chakra to the Heart Chakra, which is a center of love and compassion. In order to move to Heart Chakra, we need to first deal with all unresolved issues: with all the wrong acts committed by us, and with all the wrongful acts we have experienced from others (victimhood). All karmic particles are attached at cellular, energy, emotional and mental level. By forgiving others, we move from fear-based to love-based existence.

We can use the frequency of veena to detach from the ego and to tap into the level of the subconscious mind. The sound of veena uproots fear from our subconscious, and brings the energy from the solar plexus to the heart. It facilitates activation of Anahata (Heart Chakra), the center of prem, or unconditional love. In meditative state, as the mind starts to observe, we move from Beta to Theta brainwave, where all karmic bonds are removed. We begin to feel at ease with ourselves and recognize the connection with the Soul. Through veena music & meditation, we can align with the frequency of the Universal Consciousness.

To immerse yourself in the magical sound of veena, watch the Master Class Session by Sri Arun Jain:



Sri Arun Jain is a noted business professional who has worked across the world. He is advanced panic healer, past life regression facilitator, and a musician who experiments with Naad Veena for soul connection. He has performed at several Global Festivals of Spiritual Sciences (GFSS). He launched LPG (Love, Peace and Joy) Mission in 2017.

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