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Connect With Angels

Who are the Angels? An Angel is a supernatural being, a celestial intermediary between God and humanity. Many religions — including Judaism, Christianity, Zoroastrianism, Sikhism, Neo-Platonism, Kabbalah and Theosophy — talk of Angels in their holy books. Theosophists also believe in Nature Spirits fairies and different kinds of Elementals.

The Spirit Beings have a different spiritual evolution path from the humans. Angels evolve by assuming different roles and responsibilities. The Archangels are of the highest order. The main responsibility of an Angel is to protect and guide the Human Kingdom. Many people question whether it is appropriate to ask Angels for small favors. But Angels evolve though the guidance and the help they provide to humanity. Therefore, the Human and Angel Kingdoms mutually support one another towards a spiritual evolution.

What do Angels look like?

Many people, during their imagination, visualization and meditation practice, see Angels in a form of light or colors. In some cases, they simply get ‘a sense’ that an Angel is present. Angels are most often perceived as white beings with wings. Archangel Michael is often seen as a strong warrior with a sword in his hands. Angel Gabriel brings along beautiful and loving orange-color energy. In Hinduism, Angels are also depicted as winged beings, but they are called Devadutas.

How to recognize a signal coming from an Angel?

Angels take responsibility of almost everything that is happening on Earth. Many people receive messages from the Angels, but are unable to recognize or interpret those messages. One of the most frequent form of Angelic signaling is through numbers. Angel numbers are repeated sequences, such as seeing 11:11 on the clock. If you are repeatedly seeing such a number pattern, take it as an indication of Angels trying to communicate with you.

In order to interpret a message from an Angel, stop for a moment and observe the thought what you have been having prior to and at the moment of seeing the number pattern. Be aware of your thoughts. If you have been rejecting upon a particular idea, maybe the Angels are indicating that you are on the right track, and that you should act upon your plan. Angels work with your Higher Self, and they know your purpose in life.

Another way of receiving messages from Angels is through observing Angel shapes. Many people report seeing Angel shapes in the clouds. Others see particular shapes in tea leaves and soap bubbles. There are individuals who get hints from the Angelic World though everyday objects, such as billboards, TV advertisements, book quotes or photographs that strongly resonate with the thoughts or questions they have been recently preoccupied with. Seeing a rainbow can also be a sign that an Angel is trying to tell you something — it is a confirmation that the path you are choosing is the right one. Many people, shortly after they ask for Angelic help, come across feathers.

These signs should be interpreted as messages from Angels only if they occur in synchronicity with your thoughts and feelings. Their appearance in your life should not be forced in any way. Everything in nature, everything in the universe is trying to communicate with you, if you are ready to listen. Every moment, Angels will be helping you and guiding you towards fulfilling your life purpose.

People receive signals from Angels in many different ways. For some, an Angelic presence is felt like a cool breeze on the forehead; others experience a change in their body temperature, or they get goosebumps. Observe your feelings, become more perceptive, and you will see how the whole universe is sending you signals to help you and support you in all life situations.

If you suddenly experience ringing in the ears (and if this is not a regular health-related problem), then maybe Angels are trying to communicate with you. Angels are higher frequency beings, and due to the difference in the frequency between you and them, you may experience such auditory phenomena. Similarly, you may experience certain visual phenomena, such as flashes of light or light flickering.

How to invite Angels or Archangels?

Many people on the spiritual path perform elaborate rituals and chants, in order to connect with the Angelic realms. Even though these approaches are powerful, there is an easier way. Once we are in meditation, we can simply invite Angels, and we will soon be able to feel their presence and their energies. The prerequisite, of course, is to believe in Angels, and to be open to receiving their help and guidance. Invite (invoke) a particular Angel by calling out their name three times.

To learn more about connecting with Angels, watch the Masterclass sessions by Pranahitha:

Pranahitha, an Indian born UK citizen, is an International Angels Meditation Teacher who channels Light Language. She empowers people to get practical results through Angelic communication. She coaches people through Past life counseling, EFT and other self-healing techniques to handle emotional issues and pain. She has been creating and conducting unique Silence Meditation retreats in India, UK and Malaysia since 2009. Pranahitha has the unique gift of automatic writing and teaches automatic writing to groups of seekers.

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