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Cosmic Synchronicity and Resonance

The word synchronicity was coined by Carl Gustav Jung to describe ‘meaningful coincidences or connections between the subjective and objective world’ — concurring events which lack causality, yet have deep meaning for those who perceive or experience those events. Synchronicity appears to be stronger than the odds, it defeats logic and thwarts any attempt at explanation. Although the term synchronicity is relatively new (it was introduced by Jung in the 20th century), the phenomenon has been noted by mystics, philosophers and laymen throughout the entire human history.

Dreams often bridge the gap between the depths of the subconscious and the mundaneness of the waking life. People versed in interpreting the symbolic language of the dreams can recognize the synchronous relation between the things they see in a dream and events that occur in their daily life. Through synchronous dreams, many people have been warned about a life-threatening health condition. Others have healed, after a vivid dream of ‘seeing’ themselves healed. Another category of synchronous dreams are the precognitive ones, which foretell future events. Interestingly, the experience of synchronicity, precognition, déjà vu and other ‘unexplainable’ phenomena is not limited to spiritual adepts only. Many disbelievers, atheists and skeptics have also written and spoken about their unusual experiences in synchronicity.

‘Consciousness is able to present refined levels of information beyond the most sophisticated scans and instruments available to modern science,’ says Dawson Church, and further concludes: ‘Synchronicity ties the subjective and objective together. It connects the immaterial world of mind and energy with the material world of matter and form.’

Explaining the mechanisms through which synchronicities happen remains a difficult task. One attempt to explain the synchronicity phenomenon has led to the idea that frequencies might function as resonators that bind together in synchronicity micro and macro events. This idea has been further supported by the work of the American mathematician Steven Strogatz. Strogatz believes that a primary characteristic of nature is a tendency towards spontaneous synchronized order, at both the micro and macro levels.

Another eminent scientist, the Nobel laureate Ilya Prigogine, has studied the ways in which order emerges from apparent chaos. His work has lead to an identification of five key characteristics of emergent (self-organizing) structures: they are apparent (perceivable), dynamic (evolving), they remain coherent over a period of time, they are radically novel (develop new features) and they exhibit higher holistic order. An example of an ‘emergent intelligence’ in a self-organized system are groups and communities of like-minded people. Thus along with the principles of natural selection, self-organizing systems and synchronicity also play an important role in the human and societal evolution.

Researchers now find increasing evidence that, rather than being an epiphenomenon of the brain, the mind is a bridge between the local and nonlocal reality. The consciousness is not located in the brain. A way to encourage or cultivate synchronicity — i.e. to bring beneficial meaningful coincidences in one’s life — is to consistently hold onto a particular thought. By expecting the best outcome, one deactivates the amygdala (the fear center of the brain), maintains better physical health, and creates new neural pathways. When one makes a conscious choice and remains fully focused on it, a frequency pattern is set, which then resonates with other energy systems throughout the universe and gets further reinforced. That is why mystics and spiritual masters have always insisted that we should carefully choose where to direct our consciousness. By attuning to positive, loving and elevated thoughts and feelings, we can bring our consciousness in synchrony with the nonlocal, universal mind, and experience ‘mind to matter’ miracles.

~Based on the book ‘Mind to Matter’ by Dawson Church~

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