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Energy Abundance — Experience the Power Spots at Pyramid Valley International

Many of our masters, visitors and friends are drawn to the green campus of Pyramid Valley International for the soothing feeling of peace, calmness and closeness to nature which they experience here. Centered around the large Maitreya Buddha Pyramid, the area comprises of many beautiful energy power spots, which are highly conducive to the practice of meditation, for both novices and advanced practitioners alike. Among them are Tapasthali View Point, Osho View Point Pyramid, Milarepa Akhanda Dhyana Pranganam and the Mahatma Gandhi Lake. Here is what some of the participants in the Dhyana Sadhana Saptaham program experienced during their seven-day retreat.

For Gunveen Bacher, a licensed tax professional from North Carolina, USA, the March 2020 visit to Pyramid Valley International was a culmination of her intensive spiritual journey which had begun more than five years earlier. ‘Pyramid Valley is magical and fantastic,’ she says. ‘I had a great time exploring the nooks and corners of the campus. Some of the points here have amazing energies.’

Ramesh Babu from Bangalore, who had never practiced meditation before, joined the Dhyana Sadhana Saptaham program to gain a new life experience. He describes his time at Pyramid Valley as an intensive, holy journey of meditation. Throughout the program, he felt very much energized, sitting at various meditation spots around the campus. He particularly enjoyed meditating at the Tapasthali Energy Spot. There, he says, seated on the hill, he felt one with the nature, enjoying in the early morning sun, the breeze and the song of the birds. ‘I felt refreshed and in a thriving mode,’ he concludes.

Milind from Belgaum appreciates the different energies available at the different meditation spots around Pyramid Valley. He describes the morning meditation in the King’s Chamber of the Maitreya Buddha Pyramid as a fascinating experience. ‘I reached a different state of mind while meditating there, so much peace and silence,’ he says. ‘Meditation at Tapasthali View Point was altogether a different spiritual journey,’ he continues. ‘The walk through the mountain and receiving Lord Shiva’s blessings, gave me an experience of walking on a spiritual path. One comes to understanding that focus should not be placed only on the material world, and should be oriented towards spiritual awakening. What is the purpose of the life? We must ask ourselves if we are gaining spiritual knowledge, and whether we are on the path toward spiritual awakening.’

Many visitors and participants in the Dhyana Sadhana Saptaham retreat describe the King’s Chamber in the Pyramid as the most energetic place they have experienced. ‘It has so much energy that is difficult to express through words. You have to come and feel it,’ says Narayan from Bangalore who also notes that all the other locations where he daily meditated, including Milarepa Akhanda Dhyana Pranganam and Kabir Bhavan,were also very energetic, and had different kind of energy.

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