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How GROUNDING Helps Your Inner Journey

What is grounding and how is it relevant to the seeker on the path? Many Masters, spiritual healers, meditation facilitators and energy workers routinely use this esoteric term and emphasize the importance of being grounded on a daily basis.

Grounding (sometimes called ‘earthing’) is a set of techniques for holistic health. Most approaches to grounding are focused on the physical aspect of the practice. In the context of our physical health, to ground is to establish direct connection between one’s body and the earth.

A more integrated approach also considers one’s emotional, mental and spiritual well-being. Therefore, many spiritually-oriented people prefer to think of grounding as being fully present, by bringing our total awareness into the ‘here and now.’ By embracing the present moment and calming the mind, we recharge, rebalance and recenter ourselves.

Grounding exercises are easy to perform. Among the best recommended are the so-called skin-to-earth contacts, such as walking barefoot in grass, sand or soil; sitting or lying on the ground; planting trees and gardening. Walks in parks and forests, proximity to water (waterfalls, rivers, seaside), hiking or mountaineering bring us closer to earth, fill us with energy and let us experience the healing effects of nature. When integrating the spiritual aspect into this practice, it is recommended to meditate outdoors. The sounds of the nature, such as the songs of the birds, the chirping of the insects, the rustling of the trees and the sounds of the water help the meditator quickly experience serenity, calmness and clarity of the mind, thus entering higher states of consciousness with ease and grace.

When regularly practiced, grounding brings innumerable benefits. Physically, it strengthens immunity, reduces pain and inflammation, improves the quality of sleep, and restores vitality. Emotionally, grounding calms the feelings of anxiety, stress and depression, and instills a feeling of acceptance and belonging by reviving one’s connection to the Earth. Mentally, grounding calms the mind, restores body-mind balance, strengthens one’s instincts and intuition, and replaces the ‘monkey-mind’ with state of mindfulness. Spiritually, grounding puts us in direct contact with the Self, helping us experience our own divine nature.

Our ancestors understood, better than us, the importance of not losing touch with nature. They often slept on the ground, walked without shoes, swam in rivers and streams, dirtied their hands in soil, and let themselves get drenched in the rain. To our forefathers, grounding happened spontaneously. It is one of the less fortunate outcomes of our modern lives that we have insulated our feet and our souls, forgot how to live spontaneously, and lost our center. By reconnecting with the Earth we can begin nurturing our cells, our heart and our soul.

Feeling ‘out of place’; emotional withdrawal and lack of purpose; anxiety and distress; reduced immunity and slow healing; lack of focus and concentration; lack of energy, enthusiasm and joy – these are some of the symptoms of not being grounded. You can easily rise yourself out of this state of vulnerability and lack of agency, by engaging in a grounding practice. As little as ten minutes spent daily in direct touch with the elements of nature can bring miracles. Furthermore, many masters advise that, whenever one feels ‘stuck’ on the spiritual path, grounding is required. When one’s inner work does not manifest in a transformed outer reality of abundance, the seeker is advised to integrate grounding in his sadhana. Grounding awakens one’s inner voice, shields from loss of energy, and brings immense spiritual strength. Patriji says: “Spirituality means living with worldly reality…Spirituality means ‘not running away’ from the worldly reality.” Therefore, when one finds it more pleasurable to remain in meditation and stops participating in the daily life, grounding can help re-establish the necessary equilibrium. 

Pyramid Valley International is set in a vast, green campus, filled with gardens, grass lawns, flowers, trees and beautiful hills. Outdoor meditation happens effortlessly here. On your next visit to Pyramid Valley, we recommend that you attempt one or more grounding techniques and feel the difference it makes to your well-being. 

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