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How to Be Our Best Version by Raising Our Personal Frequency

Updated: Nov 9, 2020

The Spiritual Beings support the evolution of the human consciousness, help with energetic purification, and teach us the principles of instantaneous healing. Becoming a Cosmic Being is about raising one’s vibrations with the help of Star Beings. Cosmic Beings are trying to help us become stronger physically and etherically. We are spiritual beings in physical form. Our physical form is dense, and thus our vibration is low. Therefore we are disconnected from the Source.

Raising Our Vibration

To be less dense is easy, but we mix our priorities. We prioritize our work and our physical needs. We become what we eat. Vegetarian food raises our vibration. A high percent of the human body is water; therefore, we need to drink charged, holy water. We also become what we think, and therefore our thoughts decide our vibrations. It takes about one minute for a thought to become reality. In addition to nurturing positive thoughts, we need to have feelings of love, compassion and kindness. We need to remind ourselves to smile often. Our habits, too, affect our vibration. Alcohol and smoking lower our vibration. It is up to us to control our thoughts, our habits and our diet. It is never late for change, as we keep learning as long as we live. A powerful way to bring our body cells in cosmic state of high vibration is to meditate regularly and be in contact with the Universe.

The Lion’s Gate Portal

Astrologically and numerically, August 8 is the most powerful day of the year for setting manifestation intentions. This is the day of a cosmic alignment of the star planet Sirius with the Sun in Leo and Orion’s Belt.

Being twice the size of our central Sun, Sirius is 26 times brighter than the Sun. This cosmic energy is super-charged. Sirius represents abundance in all good forms. During this alignment, the Sun is in Leo, and Leo is heart-centered. Through the window in the Pyramid of Ancient Egypt, one can see the direct alignment of the stars of Orion. The numerological significance also contributes to the significance of the day. August 8 (08.08) highlights the number eight, a number that vibrates at the frequency of our personal power and success. The number eight also embodies the infinity symbol (the infinite energy of the cosmic consciousness), the perpetual motion of the Universe, and the power of the Divine. In addition, August 8 is the birthday of Guan Yin, the Goddess of Mercy. This an annual event takes place from July 26 to August 16.

The Benefits

Supercharged energies and acceleration of high vibration during the Lion’s Gate Portal can support positive thinking to create abundance. This is the perfect time to encode high-vibration energies. Lower energies which no longer serve you can be released. Our human aura gets pumped up, and our energy field awakens. Typically, the height of the aura is about three feet. People who suffer an illness have an aura less than three feet. Severe illnesses can cause the aura to shrink to zero. On August 8, one’s DNA can also get encoded; there is cosmic transmission of codes of awareness, awakening and wisdom. 

Taniah’s Experience With Cosmic Beings

Our Solar System, part of the Milky Way Galaxy, is home to billions of stars and planets. It contains Sirius and the Orion’s Belt constellation. Among other galaxies and stars there are Andromeda and Arcturus. But we are all one, ‘cosmic brethren.’ In the book ‘Benevolent Contacts,’ the Arcturians are described as a highly evolved, most gentle and non-judgmental extraterrestrial race, unlike the Earthlings. The Arcturians are renown for their ability for instantaneous healing. They have mastered the concept that thoughts become things. We should remember Thoth, the Egyptian God of Wisdom, who taught us that it takes only one thought to create illness, and one to erase it.

These Cosmic Beings are patient, refined, illuminated with multicolored light, and they are of very high vibrations. Andromedans, for example, describe themselves as ‘Love in Action,’ and they provide personal guidance and answers. Venusians, Pleiadians and other Light Beings inhabiting various corners of the Universe are benevolent and enlightened, and they represent our future. Some photos and videos of close encounters with these Cosmic Beings are shown in the presentation.

The Lion’s Gate Portal Meditation

The Lion’s Gate Portal Meditation purifies our energy centers. The meditation includes healing tones channeled (‘downloaded’) from Cosmic Beings. The tones empower the listener to become more cosmic. This meditation increases one’s immunity and boosts confidence, which is particularly beneficial during this Covid-19 period. It can also induce higher vibrating in the body and detoxication (thus one needs to drink enough water). Some participants have reported happiness, lightness, strokes of good luck and pleasant dreams as a result of this meditation. Awareness, psychic powers and occurrence of synchronicities also increase. Even though this year’s event is over, it is recommended to go through the Meditation Session. One can gain useful insights and be better prepared for the next year’s opening of the Lion’s Gate Portal.

Taniah T Kamadon from Malaysia is a spiritual master, author of the book ‘Benevolent Contacts,’ and a former speaker at the annual Global Festival of Spiritual Sciences  (GFSS) in Bangalore. Taniah speaks about the existence of conscious life on other planets, contacts with ETs (extraterrestrials), and the world of high-frequency dimensions. She uniquely combines ufology, astrology, numerology, science of manifestation, spiritual healing and guided meditation.

Taniah’s Presentation can be viewed at:

Taniah’s Lion’s Gate Meditation is available at:

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