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Key Ingredient to Living Purpose - COMMITTED ACTION

The Universal Law of a Committed Action teaches us to action the Self, our Purpose, and the Light & Love that we are. Living a life in alignment with this Law is not only for our own benefit, but also for the highest good of our family, community, the Earth and the Universe. Many other forms of life depend on the elevation of human consciousness.

The Universal Laws are principles of life for all the creation; they include peace, harmony, compassion, abundance, organization, constant growth etc. Since each part of the universe knows its identity, the celestial bodies are in harmony. If we know our true identity, who we really are, then we find our place in our partnership, family, community, and we can action who we are, and give this to all humanity.

When we came to Earth for the first time, directly from the Source (God, God’s Consciousness, Light), we knew these Laws and we lived these principles. But humanity slowly lost its contact with the Source and forgot these Laws. We replaced them with new human laws of fear, doubt and anger. But we still have in us encoded the Universal Laws. We are in some sort of amnesia of these Laws, and remembrance is possible.

In essence, there is really only one Law in the Universe, and that is Love. Love, Light and God are synonyms. But since we all come from that Source, we do not need to become love, because we already are that love. To realize this, we need to let go of everything that we are not – our negative emotions, thoughts, perceptions, perspectives, concepts and beliefs. However, much of this negativity is buried in our unconscious and subconscious, preventing us from seeing that we vibrate this negativity all the time. We only need to transform the negative and activate the love that we are. We all want to give and receive love, but we need to re-learn how to do it. The concept of Love is so large for us, that we fragment it into peace, harmony, joy, abundance, compassion, forgiveness, creativity, magic, manifestation, action. But these are all aspects of love that we already are and do not need to become.

There is a proverb: ‘Your path is shown while you are walking it, while you are actioning it.’ You do not need to know one hundred percent who you are and what is your mission, but it is important to act upon what you already know. Whichever talent you may have, you need to expand it and make others benefit from it. The universe loves action. When we act upon a gift we have, the Universe comes to meet us.

The Four Universal Laws

There are four Universal Laws which are foundational for every human beings. Those are:

  • The Universal Law of the Self (Who am I?)

    • The Universal Law of Purpose (Why are we here?)

    • The Universal Law of Manifestation (How to manifest?)

    • The Universal Law of Action (How to become actor-creator of our life?)

These laws are interconnected. There is a strong link between the Universal Laws of Manifestation and Action. Sometimes, although we have the answers to the top three questions, we feel blocked. Instead of acting we keep dreaming, visualizing and planning. In the process of manifesting, we need to get into the vibration of the desired action or the desired state. Manifestation has two aspects, a feminine and a masculine one. Intuition is our inner tutor. Visualizing, dreaming, even feeling the goal as if it is already manifested, are parts of the feminine way of manifesting. These need to be followed by the masculine principle of manifestation, i.e. we need to put the energy into physical movement. By completing these steps, one’s vibration goes high, and one day it will match the vibrations of the dream. It is very important to stay committed throughout the whole process. The Universe itself will start putting energies together to support us. While committed to an action, the quality of our engagement matters. We need to be completely involved in whatever we are doing, without splitting our focus through multitasking. That way, our capacity will be greater, our muscles of commitment will grow stronger, and action will become natural. Otherwise, we often look at commitment as a potential loss of freedom, as a sacrifice of our time, or as an imposed discipline. We fear that somebody else is deciding our lives. But the Universal Law of Discipline teaches us that discipline is about something new that we want to bring into our lives. At first, we resist and sabotage the entry of the new, since we are neurologically wired to prefer the comfort zone of the known.

Our Three Minds

We have a Positive, a Negative and a Natural Mind. All three minds need to be balanced. Sometimes the negative mind is helpful, the positive one is a nuisance, and the natural mind misguides us. The Mind is not who we really are; we should consider it as a tool. We need to learn how to master it, so that it does not decide our life.

The first mind which develops in our childhood is the Negative Mind. Its purpose is to protect us from danger. It should work only for three to nine seconds. But sometimes it is present for hours, days, or years at a time. Our negative mind is directly related to our unconscious and subconscious spheres. It raises questions of doubts and thoughts of impossibility.

The Positive Mind helps us find a solution, and it tells us that everything will be all right. It suggests what needs to be done. If not balanced, it overburdens us with too many ideas and strategies. It can create problems even when they are not there, since it is habitual of solving problems.

The Natural Mind is another name for our Intuition. It listens to both the Negative and the Positive Mind, and it then decides on its own. But when it is not balanced, it cannot decide.

See more on the “Universal Law of a Committed Action” (including a guided meditation from the kundalini yoga system) by Katarina Marinc at:

Katarina Marinc is the Founder of Living Love Teaching, Slovenia. She is a multi-therapist and a KRI certified kundalini yoga teacher.

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