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Meditation Brings Self-Realization and Feeling of Oneness

“Pyramid Meditation is one of the best ways to develop a sense of belonging.”

ERIK (Vienna, Austria)

Erik took the long journey from Austria to India, he says, only to be a part of the retreat in the wonderful Pyramid at Pyramid Valley. “I really like being here and being part of this self-realization process. This is the reason why I came from Vienna - because this is the way to your Self. This approach of being/meditating in the Pyramid and working with crystals is one of the best ways of developing a sense of belonging and connection to all people of Earth.”

“All people are searching for a Home, but if you don’t find the right way, you will not find your Home.”

You can feel all this, if you stay inside the great Pyramid for a whole day, or for 8 to 9 hours at a time. Anapanasati meditation was a really new method for me; it is a meditation which belonged to Buddha 2500 ago, and it now comes back to people, so that they could learn something more about themselves. If you want to do anything new in your life, please come in contact with this meditation. It is a really effective way that leads you to your Self. We are all looking for Home, but if you don’t find the right way, you will not find your Home. This method of Pyramid Meditation (within a big crystal system), is the most effective way to find your Home,” says Erik.

“I have been in several really beautiful places, but this is one of the most beautiful places and I am sure I will come again,” he promises in the end.

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