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Meditation Helped Me Overcome My Anger

“Every day at Pyramid Valley is a different experience that comes moment by moment.”

CHAN (Malaysia)

Chan is from Malaysia, and he has already visited Pyramid Valley twice. He discovered Pyramid Valley three years ago, during a casual trip to Bangalore. That trip became a turning point for Chan, as from that moment he started meditating.

“Now, three years later, I am here again at Pyramid Valley, to attend a retreat. This is definitely a beautiful, a really beautiful place, full of energy and lovely people,” he says, but remains mindful of the primary purpose of his visit. “The purpose of this trip is self-realization. The whole retreat is about meditation and proper diet under proper guidance. Every day here there is a different experience that comes moment by moment. To know more about it, a personal experience is definitely needed. But I can say that this 9-day retreat has really lifted my spirits.”

“I am not the angry man I was before…”

Chan emphasizes one particular benefit which he received from meditation. “I have been meditating for the past 3 years, and the biggest thing I got from this meditation process is that my personality, in terms of anger, is now very well controlled - I feel peace, I am not an angry man as I was before, and that is something that really benefitted me a lot.”

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