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One Heck of a Magical Experience

“Earlier I had so much fear in me. Now I am really proud of myself.”

GRACE (Malaysia)

Grace has visited Pyramid Valley in Bangalore twice. Her first trip to Pyramid Valley had been a life-changing experience, as it made her become a vegetarian. “It was just like a casual trip, but I kind of got connected when I entered the Pyramid. I immediately turned into a vegetarian. It was one heck of a magical experience,” she recollects.

During her second visit to Pyramid Valley, Grace attended a 9-day retreat for physical and mental detoxication. “I feel a lot more lighter. Before this, I could not share my experiences, especially the spiritual ones, because I had so much fear in me. But right now I am able to stand in front of the camera and talk about it, and I am really proud of myself. This all happened after just nice days in the program.”

“I now feel calm, conscious and mindful, and I do less mistakes.”

In terms of long-term benefits of meditation, Grace says: “The benefits of meditation in my life are that I feel calm, I am conscious and mindful of the things I am doing every single day, and I do less mistakes. Actually, mistakes will happen, but eventually the way I react to them is now better than what I did earlier. You have to visit this place once in your life.”

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