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Overcoming Addiction Through Meditation

“I have had two phases in my life: life before meditation, and life after meditation.”


Ravi Kiran started meditating in 2007. He shares a very intimate and emotional testimonial about the tribulations which prompted him to undertake a journey of spiritual transformation.

“I have had two phases in my life,” Ravi begins, “Life before meditation, and life after meditation. Before meditation, I was an alcohol addict, a smoker, and I had various health issues. I suffered from insomnia, and I consumed alcohol in order to sleep for just two hours at a time. I was a victim of stage fright, and I couldn’t speak in public, especially during my office meetings. I was living in Sweden and going through a phase of deep depression. At one point, I thought: Why am I living? Should I end my life? I had all these suicidal thoughts.”

The help came in form of a friend, a college mate, who introduced Ravi to anapanasati meditation. “She explained it to me in just two minutes. But is it really a meditation, this simple, breath-observing technique?, I wondered. She explained to me that I have to sit in meditation, observe my breath, and cut my thoughts whenever they appear, coming back to my breath. Meditation, she said, is about emptying the mind.”

“Within a month of meditation, I stared feeling happy for no reason.

After 45 days I gave up alcohol and smoking, and was back to my life.”

Ravi followed his friend’s guidance, and decided to practice meditation daily while commuting by train between home and office. “I daily meditated for only 10 minutes, during the train rides between my home and office. That is all,” recalls Ravi. “Within a month, I started feeling very happy for no reason.”

The benefits of regular meditation turned amazing. “I then increased my meditation sessions to 15 min each, and I could soon see more benefits: I felt very relaxed and I started sleeping very well. After 45 days, I gave up alcohol and smoking, and life became very happy. I was back to my life.”

Ravi’s story has yet another joyful outcome. He is now happily married to Pranahita, the college mate and friend who had introduced him to meditation, and whom Ravi considers as his first guru. He now remains dedicated to regular practice of anapanasati meditation. He follows the teachings of Brahmarshi Patriji and attends many of his programs.

“I improved my life in all aspects - everything has increased.”

Ravi and Pranahita now live in London and teach meditation. “I started enjoying my life,” says Ravi. “Simple meditation, just observing the breath, is helping so many people. In London we are conducting meditation programs every week, and we are doing online classes as well as group meditation sessions.”

Ravi invites everyone to follow the path of meditation. “I would request everyone on this Planet to utilize this simple technique and transform your life. I transformed mine. There is a tremendous transformation in me. I improved my life in all aspects. My confidence level has increased. The way I interact with people, the way I express things at work, my confidence level - everything has increased. My stage fear is gone, and I can now speak in public. You can get so many benefits just by doing this simple technique every day according to your age: if you are 30 years old, do just 30 minutes of meditation. It will transform your life.”

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