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Power of Kindness

Dalai Lama said: “My religion is very simple. My religion is kindness.” The spiritual practice is simple: just turn around, find your true self and be kind. We often say “be yourself,” but what does it really mean? This advice can sound too abstract. How can I know what it truly means to "be myself" in the right way? We often feel kindness, too, is an abstract concept. How do we practice kindness? What is the relation between “being kind” and “being myself"? And where will these two take me? How to find your true self and be yourself through kindness?

Kindness — difficult to define, easy to recognize

Kindness is related to spirituality. There are many ways in which one can approach the idea of kindness. Even when we are unable to properly define what kindness is, when we see it, we easily recognize it. When we see a display of kindness, we are touched and we feel good inside. We want to be kind, but we also want to receive kindness from others. We are energy beings. We need to meditate, but also be kind to animals. Vegetarianism is pre-requisite for this. But at the same time, it is not enough to just be a vegetarian. One needs to be kind to people, including family members and friends.

Developing kindness through an attitude of neutrality

Spirituality is about Love, Light and Power. Love means no violence, and when one practices non-violence, the result is a feeling of gratitude. Gratitude opens every door. It also helps us understand that we are all equal, and develop compassion. Kindness is compassion. Compassion gives us power. We feel empowered to help ourselves and help others. Enlightenment can be achieved by practicing non-violence, by treating everyone as equal, and by nurturing the spirit of friendship and service. When we practice these elements, our mind becomes free from disturbance.

To get a step closer to enlightenment, we need to understand both our positivity and negativity. We need to refer back and start working on ourselves. Enlightenment can be reached through the attitude of neutrality. When the mind is free from disturbance, one can connect with the universal consciousness. The goal of spirituality is to know oneself. Neutrality is an understanding that everyone is a part of us, and that everything which we see around us exist to support us in our spiritual evolution.

Kindness is the KPI of enlightenment

Kindness is the KPI (key performance indicator) of enlightenment on Earth. The more qualities and virtue we acquire through meditation, the kinder we become. To be kind to myself means to be myself, and thus to remain true to my values. To be kind to others means to be be true to myself, and thus reach Angelic consciousness.

We have a tendency to please others. Many times we compromise and we feel confused whom to follow. If I can be myself and be true to myself, then I need to be aware of the values which I adhere to. If you stick to your values regardless the situation, then you are free, because you are true to yourself.

The ‘kindness formula’: Kindness = Equality + Neutrality

Kindness is the Middle Path, true balance of spirit and matter, leading to enlightenment. Be inclusive rather than exclusive. Consider simultaneously what is right for you and what is right for others. Show gratitude and compassion.

Kindness is equality and neutrality. Equality leads to compassion, and neutrality leads to gratitude. These two attitudes together lead to healing and unconditional love.

Watch Minh Tu Bui’s Global Master Talk here:

Minh Tu Bui co-founded PSSM Vietnam in 2010 and founded PSSA Vietnam in 2013. She is an Emotional and Memories-Healing Therapist. Born in a well-educated family with a tradition of serving and contributing to community work, she inherited a social service mindset. She has been successful in her career as a business woman. Ten years ago, she experienced spiritual awakening through PSSM India. She helps people in Vietnam and all over the world to live a life of happiness, balance and meaning through emotional intelligence, science of spirituality and science of healing.

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