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Replace Your ‘Work From Home’ by ‘Work From Pyramid Valley’

In response to the ongoing pandemic, many companies and professionals transitioned to work from home models. Initially, this shift from traditional workplace to a home office space was welcomed by many. WFH minimizes the spread of the virus, saves time otherwise spent in daily home-office-home commute, and gives people more control over how they manage their work hours and deliverables.

However, the extended period of remote work has already resulted in a number of adverse side effects. From chronic back discomfort to work-related fatigue to anxiety and loneliness — the altered workplace poses a number of physical, mental and emotional health challenges.

To offset against these undesirable effects, Pyramid Valley International, Bangalore, offers an alternative remote work model — Stay-n-Work (SnW) at Pyramid Valley. If you are compelled to work remotely, you now have a unique opportunity to ‘shift your office’ to the green, energizing and enchanting Pyramid Valley campus near Bengaluru.

There are innumerable benefits of making Pyramid Valley your ‘home’ for your WFH job. In addition to providing you with a one-of-a-kind remote working experience, the Stay-n-Work alternative will give your mind and body a complete reset.

Reconnect with yourself and with nature

Amidst luscious greenery, beautiful gardens, and surrounding hills, you will get plenty of opportunities for walk and outdoors relaxation. Imagine taking video calls from one of the scenic spots at Pyramid Valley. Or attending a phone call while taking a walk. How about filling the short breaks with brief, effective and energizing meditation in nature? At Pyramid Valley, you can enjoy high-speed internet access, with free wifi inside the rooms and good Airtel and Jio signal strength across the campus.

Revitalize, re-energize and restore yourself, physically, mentally and emotionally

Are you already feeling diminished morale, low motivation and lack of focus? Are you feeling physically, emotionally and mentally exhausted? Are you missing on the regular recreational activities? Are stress, anxiety or depression catching up on you?

If you have answer with ‘yes’ to any of the above questions, then you have been negatively affected by ‘the new normal’. We invite you to consider one of the Stay-n-Work packages as an opportunity to re-establish your state of wellbeing. Do not let the uncertainty of these turbulent times affect your health and the quality of your lifestyle.

Your Stay-n-Work at Pyramid Valley will boost your immunity, re-establish your work-life balance, and heal your feelings of disconnect, loneliness and isolation. When you spend time in the serene and beautiful environment of Pyramid Valley, you will experience nature boost the immune function of our body. You will feel more grounded, calm and balanced. You will reconnect with yourself, and replace restlessness with a feeling of content.

Some of the packages are designed for maximum benefit of your whole family during your stay at Pyramid Valley. You and your family will have the opportunity to feel the powerful energies of the Mega-Pyramid and other energy spots scattered around the campus. You can also enjoy recreational games both indoors and outdoors. You can have free meditation and yoga classes, and explore the large collection of spiritual science books from the Library.

Experience more tangible benefits of your Stay-n-Work at Pyramid Valley

By choosing Pyramid Valley as your ‘home’ for WFH model, you will re-establish good health habits. You are likely to heal from headaches, disturbed quality of sleep and excessive weight gain due to the prolonged lockdown. Meditation, physical activity and walks in nature will reverse the effects of sedentary lifestyle and long hours in front of the computer. They can also help in mitigating lower back pain, a tech neck syndrome, digital eye strain or a repetitive typing strain.

Prolonged sedentary lifestyle is linked to poor cardiovascular health, increased risk of diabetes and complication of the digestive system. Do not let the uncertainty of these turbulent times affect your physical, emotional and mental health. Give yourself a chance for a premium remote work experience. Keep your body fit, your emotions in check, and let your soul thrive. Replace your home office space with the beautiful green campus of Pyramid Valley.

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