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Sacred Geometry for Meditation

From time immemorial, the Mystery Schools of the Old World recognized the powerful connection between numbers, shapes and the structures in the Universe. Spiritual seekers, artists and thinkers discovered the principles of Sacred Geometry, which they considered a blueprint of all Creation and the Space-Time continuum. Sacred Geometry consists of special numerical ratios, symbols and forms, particularly applicable to music and temple architecture. Elements of Sacred Geometry can be seen in the mystical mandala and yantra diagrams, in the magic squares and Platonic solids, well known to every spiritual enthusiast. Feng Shui, Vastu and other systems of Geometry are offsprings of the wide discipline of Sacred Geometry. Even the mudras, the hand and fingers gestures which evoke a flow of particular spiritual energies in the body, are sometimes called Sacred Geometry of the Hands.

Sacred Geometry is a representation of the cosmic energy patterns which shape everything in the Universe – from the spiral shape of the galaxies and shells, to the hexagonal structure of the honeycombs and the emerald crystals. Amidst the constant cycles of birth, death and revival, Sacred Geometry reminds us of that which is constant – the ratios and proportions of structures seen everywhere – from the crystal structures of atoms to the double-spiraled DNA of our cells, and the elliptical orbits of the celestial bodies. Therefore, Sacred Geometry is often considered a divine geometry of the Absolute.

Sacred Geometry is, therefore, a metaphor of the Universal Order and Synchronicity. It evokes intuitive understanding of the Cosmic Laws and the higher dimensions of existence. Meditation on sacred geometry images and structures leads to higher states of consciousness and results in gaining deeper insights about the soul’s journey.

To the spiritual scientist, Sacred Geometry provides priceless tools. Any structure built on the basis of the Sacred Geometry principles amplifies the energies conducive to meditation and awareness expansion. Psychologically, gazing at images that depict patterns opens paths and creates access to both the subconscious and superconscious powers within us. The mind which contemplates the geometrical representations of infinity (such as the spiral or the labyrinth), faces its own limits and dissolves on its own. By providing evidence of beauty and intelligent design in all of the Creation, Sacred Geometry is technology which can reintegrate the man with the cosmic unity. It educates the soul about the codes used by the Divine in the cosmic game of creation and manifestation. 

Forms designed on the principles of Sacred Geometry raise the vibrational frequency of the space, and elevate our consciousness. This is one of the reasons for seeing Sacred Geometry embedded in the pictorial representation of the system of chakras. The blossoming of the thousand-petalled lotus (the crown chakra), the most prominent symbol of one’s Self-Realization, is also a powerful image of cosmic symmetry and perfection.  It is also reported that visualization on Sacred Geometry stimulates both the left and the right hemisphere of the brain, thus establishing an equilibrium between our rational and intuitive mind.

One of the largest and most powerful three-dimensional representations of Sacred Geometry structures is the Pyramid. The large Buddha Maitreya Pyramid at Pyramid Valley, Bangalore, was built on these principles. Its square basis embodies stability. The sides of the pyramid follow the golden angle of inclination at 51° 50’, and the King’s Chamber, energetically the most powerful spot in the Pyramid, is placed at the center and elevated at 1/3rd of the Pyramid’s height. The murals featured on the Pyramid’s faces represent the four elements of water, earth, air and fire, while the space inside the Pyramid represents the fifth cosmic element, akash (ether). When meditating inside the pyramid, one experiences effects which are several times stronger than those resulting from meditation elsewhere. To quote Brahmarshi Patriji, “If we sit outside a Pyramid, while meditating, it takes about thirty minutes to get concentration, but the same can be achieved in five minutes if we sit inside a pyramid.”

By recognizing that special ratios repeat themselves in all forms and structures of the Universe, from the smallest to the greatest, Sacred Geometry reminds us that the same Universal Laws govern the microcosm and the macrocosm: ‘As Within, So Without.’ Therefore, to understand the mystery of Life and to reach the furthest realms of the Universe, one does not need to conquer the world. All it takes to know the Truth, is sit still, focus on one’s breath, and delve deep in the nooks of one’s own being. Meditation  will take care of the rest.

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