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Secrets of Water — the Blueprint of Our Reality

Water is a sacred gift

Water should be treated with respect and dignity, because it is a sacred natural resource that holds life. Humans should avoid encroaching water grounds. Water should not be treated as a commodity to be traded or commercialized. Water is a right of all, and it should be available to everyone. Nature provides it freely.

The Earth is 72 percent water-covered. Of all the water on Earth, 3 percent is fresh water, and only 1 percent is drinkable. If we look at this information from a different perspective, it can be said that the Planet Earth is an irregular ball immersed in water. Water is a sacred gift and a custodian of life. Nearly all living beings contain a lot of water in their bodies. Over 60 percent of an adult human body and 70 percent of the brain is water. The percent of water in the body of a newly born is nearly 80. If you want to experience abundance in life, you have to experience water in a right way.

We are in continuous interaction with the element of water. The breath is a channel of communication and telepathy. When we exhale, it is not only air, but part of our water that we also send away. To fast is to connect with water. When we fast, we consume that which is abundant. We connect with the source and the reason for our life.

Sacred water practices

People of the past centuries perceived water in a better way that we do, knew more about it than we do, and connected with it in a more meaningful way than we do. Ancient practices testify to this fact. For example, in churches and temples, blessed water is distributed to the devotees. The holy books, sacred texts and scriptures make many references to the importance of water and its key role in creation. River dips are considered sacred in many religious practices, including Hinduism (River Ganges) and Christianity (baptism by water). Water purifies. The sages of the past knew the secrets of water.

The science of water: water has memory

The DNA transduction experiment was conducted by the Noble Prize Laureate Prof. Montagnier in 2012. The experiment showed that re-emitting electromagnetic signals recorded from a highly water-diluted DNA sample replicates the original DNA in another pure water sample. The experiment was popularly called DNA teleportation, as its results indicated that a strange transfer happens, without any direct contact.

In the Stuttgart Aerospace Center Experiment conducted in 2012, participants were asked to dip their fingers in a glass of water, and then have their ‘water fingerprints’ taken. The crystalline structure of those ‘water fingerprints’ differed significantly from one person to another, while multiple images taken from a same participant always remained consistent. This proved that water has memory.

The Japanese scientist Masaru Emoto is often called the ‘Father of Water Memory’. His research on water started in the early 1990s. He believed that water can absorb and store the influences of thoughts and feelings. He studied and reported the effects of affirmative and negative statements on the formation of ice crystals. On the one hand, water treated with positive thoughts and feelings always formed perfect ice crystals. On the other hand, water treated with negative thoughts and feelings always formed irregular ice crystal forms.

Water is the blueprint of our reality

By bringing together science and spirituality, the perception on water changes. Rivers contain tremendous information. When it rains, the Universe showers the information required by humanity. Our oceans are the data banks of information. The water cycle on Earth is huge network of information and memory.

Water needs to be treated with awareness and love. This brings magic and miracles in your life. Water is like a blueprint for our reality. It mirrors that, which we are unable to see. Water is fast in transmitting information. Through the mere act of breathing, information about each one of us is quickly transmitted across space. There is no space and time when we connect to water. The way we treat water is congruent to the way in which we treat ourselves.

Since our bodies have high concentration of water, and sound impacts the crystalline structure of water, we have to take full responsibility for our relationship with the sound. What we hear can drastically affect our health. Harmonious music tones imprint regular and beautiful shapes on the crystalline structure of water. Violent information and aggressive tones create irregular and asymmetric structures.

Words hold power. Be careful with our choice of words. Thoughts and words of peace, happiness, love, gratitude, appreciation, wisdom and harmony can bring the same qualities in your life. Each word that comes through you can impact your environment. Your intentions must be pure, because their energy transfers to your surrounding. The moment you think bad about others, your own water memory changes, and you are first to be affected by that negativity. When you are experiencing inner talk, be aware that you are creating your own reality. Your thoughts and words program your reality. That is why meditation is so important. It brings awareness about your thoughts, words and intentions. Meditation can help you connect with the water contained within you.

How to program your water

Things to do: Stagnant water loses its life. In the past, we used to get water from rivers. When we keep water in a bottle, the energy in the water depletes. The best method to bring life to your water is the Vortex Method. Shake the water container in a spiral way. Avoid using plastic bottles, and replace them with glass. Place some crystals in the bottle, as crystals can charge your water. Write positive words on the bottle (messages of love, gratitude, health and abundance) to program it. Place pyramids over your the water bottle. Most importantly, drink consciously. The quantity of the water you drink is not as important as the quality of your consciousness while drinking. Walk barefoot on grass or sand to ground yourself. Get in contact with water bodies. Create your own mini-garden and grow some of the food you consume. And most importantly, meditate regularly.

Things to be avoided: Avoid watching movies, videos and news that do not align with the things you desire in your life. Become conscious of your music choices. Never drink water unconsciously. Know the source of your food and the way it is prepared; avoid consuming processed foods. An unhappy cook programs the food with negative thoughts. Patriji says that only the most senior meditator in the family should be in charge of preparing food. Right awareness, right memory and right intentions come from food which is prepared consciously.

To learn more about the secrets of water, watch Ramesh Gajjala’s Global Master Talk:

Ramesh Gajjala dedicates his life to spreading the word of meditation and ahimsa. He has been practicing anapanasati meditation since 1998. He was born in India, lived in Egypt, and is currently settled in Germany.

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