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After being closed for over six months due to the coronavirus pandemic, Pyramid Valley finally reopened its doors to visitors on Monday, October 26 (Vijaya Dasami). To comply with Government’s guidelines and regulations, and to ensure complete safety on campus, certain restrictions and procedures have been put in place. The process of reopening is planned to happen in several stages, with all venues and facilities becoming accessible and fully operational in the final phase.

When Can You Visit Pyramid Valley and What to Expect at the Entrance

Pyramid Valley can be visited any day of the week, but entry is allowed only from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm. The maximum daily limit is 200 visitors. All visitors are requested to complete their visit and exit the campus no later than 4:00 pm. For your own safety, we advise people at increased health risk, including children younger than 10, people older than 65, pregnant women and those with co-morbidities, to stay at home. At the entry, there is mandatory temperature check, use of hand sanitizer and filling of a self-declaration form, including your contact details. While inside the campus, all visitors must adhere to the safety measures, such as wearing face masks, maintaining social distancing and a frequent use of sanitizers.

Facilities Accessible to Visitors

In this first phase of the re-opening, entry is allowed only to the beautiful Maitreya Buddha Mega Pyramid, to the Book Space (book store) and the Vegetarian World Cafe (the Cafeteria). Community dining at the Annadāna Restaurant is currently unavailable.

Pyramid Valley is an open and spacious campus, with ample opportunity for various activities. It makes social distancing effortless, which offers reassurance in one’s own safety. You can walk, relax or meditate amidst the luscious greenery, and enjoy the freshness of the beautiful gardens, water bodies and lawns. You can indulge in the sounds of nature, the sun and the breeze. A meditation inside the Mega Pyramid will soothe, center, and energize you. To facilitate your spiritual journey, consider purchasing some amazing items from the Book Space. The book store offers books written by world-renowned masters, crystals and crystal jewelry, a range of health and wellness products, as well as pyramids, fengshui items and other souvenirs. At the Cafeteria, ask for the menu of the day, and enjoy dining amidst the beautiful scenery.

Benefits From Visiting Pyramid Valley

When you visit the Pyramid Valley campus, you have an opportunity to spend quality time in nature. Outdoors activities in vast, green spaces are known to provide numerous health benefits. By spending time outdoors, you will boost your immunity, lower blood pressure and inflammation, and improve your overall sense of wellbeing. Exposure to greenery is known to also reduce anxiety and depression which, at times of crisis and uncertainty, loom over one’s wellbeing. To those who experience spells of restlessness, worry and anxiety, a walk in the Pyramid Valley campus can serve as a much-needed grounding activity.

It is highly recommended to combine this time spent in nature with a meditation session. The two work in a beautiful synergy, complementing and enhancing one another. In addition to the physical and mental health benefits you will receive from nature, meditation will also increase your self-awareness, and instill in you a sense of calm and balance. It will improve your emotional wellbeing, and arouse kindness and compassion. It will instill in you a sense of calmness and assurance that all is well.

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