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The Many Aspects of Manifestation

Updated: Feb 27, 2021

Thoughts, feelings and environment create reality. Our outer world is a mere reflection of our inner world. If we change our inner world, the way we think and carry ourselves, then our outer world will change, too. Using the energies of meditation, we can create and manifest anything that we want in our life. Therefore, through meditation, it is possible to shape our reality. To master manifestation, we need to understand many aspects of the process, such as goal-setting, the role of our beliefs, and the the power of dreaming and visualization.

Manifestation sounds delusively simple, and millions of people are drawn to it. Many, however, in spite of their sincere intentions and continued efforts, fail to manifest the life they desire. This is due to the nuances of the manifestation process. Our state of being is at a certain level at a certain time, so the more we hear and learn about manifestation, the more new insights we gain. This way, we continue to rewire our brain circuits, engage in a more intense meditation, learn from masters, and eventually become better at manifestation.

While the quantum field (quantum consciousness) supports us to manifest everything we desire, there are several prerequisites that need to be fulfilled. Setting goals alone is not sufficient; a fundamental shift in our state of being is required. We need to change our inner core — the way we feel and think about what we want to manifest. We need to be able to acquire adequate meditation energy. We also need to understand the emotional participation of other people into our goals, and why that matters. And most importantly, we need to reach the state of interconnectedness; to become one with everything and everybody.

Not everything, though, is filled only with challenges. A few things act in our favor. We live in an age of an expanding consciousness, or time acceleration. What took our ancestors years, decades, or even a lifetime to accomplish, can now be achieved 20 times faster. We have an opportunity to harness these intense amounts of cosmic energy, and to make use of the mass-consciousness shift. Both accelerate our manifestation process.

Buddha’s parting message to his disciples, ‘Appo Deepo Bhava - Be a Light Onto Yourself’ is a guidance for seekers across time and space. This is a call to accept responsibility for our own life and for the life which we manifest. Buddha recognized that our suffering is due to individual ignorance. This ignorance causes us to subjectively interpret our experiences and often feel victimized. Yet, it is all in the mind. It is through meditation that we become free from the stress that we keep carrying around. Instead of insisting to control outcomes, we welcome a degree of unpredictability. Such an attitude has a huge benefit — we shift from an individual, dual consciousness to a non-dual consciousness, from a limited being to an unlimited being. Through this understanding, we accelerate manifestation.

A very important aspect of manifestation is achieving and maintaining good health. A state of wellbeing is easily obtained through meditation and through an understanding that we can heal ourself. Accepting the concept of self-healing is identical to the process of sowing a seed in the soil. Once you put a thought in your mind, saying ‘I am doing it,’ the seed has to grow. This seed cannot be stopped: it will sprout, it will grow. In the same way, once you think of something, once you commit to something, then all things, all the consciousness will come and support you. Things starts happening. You become a master of default creation. Whatever you wish, starts happening automatically. Things start manifesting unknowingly, unexpectedly and naturally.

Our state of being is by default driven by the subconscious mind. Our subconscious mind is too dominant. It consists of our past beliefs, habits and perceptions that we have formed about ourself, based on the inputs from our environment. The subconscious mind is constantly projecting those limiting beliefs. This is why it is important to identify and reprogram our core beliefs. Without doing it, the limiting beliefs become a reason for not manifesting our intentions, and for giving up our focus and exercise.

Perseverance matters. Oftentimes, we put a time frame for things to happen, and if it does not happen, we give up. When we are open to all possibilities, and when continue to meditate, success in manifestation has to follow. A good approach towards overcoming the trap of impatience is to start manifesting small things, until we gain the conviction and the confidence that we can manifest bigger goals.

Meditation is the foundation for manifestation. Through meditation, we start operating from our unlimited self. The goal of meditation is to empty our mind. In anapanasati meditation, we don’t fight the thoughts, but we are not feeding them either. It is therefore important to learn and regularly practice breath-mindfulness meditation. Through meditation, we move away from worry, stress and anxiety. We achieve brain coherence — a state in which neural networks in the brain are fully active.

A common pitfall on the path towards manifestation is that people often focus only on their thoughts, without paying any heed to their feelings. This can significantly slow down the manifestation process. Namely, our heart has a brain with about 40,000 neurons. Through the Heart Elevation Process, we establish heart coherence, or coherent heart rhythm. It is achieved through feelings of appreciation, gratitude, love and compassion. This increases our immunity. Heart coherence also signals the brain to slow down. Every feeling that heart has, is up to 5,000 times more powerful than the thoughts. It is important to understand that our thoughts and feelings are electromagnetic energy.


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