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Why Meditate on a Full Moon?

The Synergy of Moon and Life

The Moon is Earth’s only natural satellite. As a celestial body closest to the Earth, it has a significant impact on all life. The waxing and waning Moon (different lunar phases) affect the biorhythm and the patterns of behavior of all species, often dramatically. For example, the scarab beetles use the moonlight to navigate in a straight line; on moonlit nights the flowers of the joint pine tree produce fluid drops whose glitter attracts nocturnal pollinating insects; some seagull species always end their migration on a Full Moon; sand hoppers use Moon antennae to orient at night; and without the Moon, the sea turtles would disappear.

The Moon’s gravitational force affects the Earth’s tides. Since approximately 70 percent of our body is water, there is a common belief that the impact of the Moon on the humans is tremendous. It has been established that fertility cycles, sleep patterns and mood swings are all correlated with the circalunar rhythm, or the lunar clock.

This strong association between the phases of the Moon and the rhythms of life on the Earth is reflected in the fact that many cultures have used (and some are still following) a lunar or a lunisolar calendar. The Moon is a universal symbol of change and growth, and an instrument to measure the human passage of time.

Spiritually, the Moon is an archetype of the inner world. It is strongly linked to one’s emotional state and mental processes, and can therefore act as a powerful spiritual facilitator. The subtle frequencies of the Moon have a strong impact on the mind. The lunar light has a reported effect on the activity of the Pineal Gland.

Of all the Moon phases, spiritually the most important is the Full Moon.

The Spiritual Significance of a Full Moon

Across spiritual traditions, the Full Moon has been used as a symbol of fullness, completion, abundance and transformation. Spiritual teachers point out that the Full Moon amplifies the effects of meditation and leads to expanded awareness. Full Moon increases one’s receptiveness and makes it easier to enter deeper and prolonged states of meditation. Spiritual practice (sadhana) during a Full Moon is very important, because it facilitates connections with the divine; the Vedas consider the Moon as the vessel for soma-rasa, the divine nectar of immortality.

“The full moon night has a very alchemical impact on the human consciousness,” said Osho. “If you are ready for enlightenment, if your meditations have ripened, you become enlightened. In Zen monasteries, on a full moon night people simply sit under the trees and watch the moon.”

The most important events in the life of Gautama Buddha – his birth, enlightenment and parinirvana (mahasamadhi) – happened on a Full Moon.

“At the time of the Full Moon – it is almost as if a door suddenly opened wide, which at other times stands closed. Through that door, ingress is possible; through that door or opening, energies can be contacted which are otherwise shut off,” taught Alice A. Bailey, one of the greatest theosophical masters.

It is said that the Moon is simultaneously the gates to Heaven and Hell. Namely, wise men and women across centuries have observed that the Full Moon intensifies what is already present in our mind. On the one hand, it can bring to the surface deep-rooted fears, repressed emotions  and troublesome content from the subconscious, and thus aggravate restlessness, depression, aggression and phobias in individuals who are already suffering from various behavioral or psychological disorders. On the other hand, the Full Moon can awaken artistic imagination and intuition in creative individuals. Those who tread the path of spirituality recognize a tremendous opportunity of a full-moon night to connect with their Master, with the community of spiritual seekers, and to follow the Inner Light.

In his Fourth Way teachings, Gurdjieff called humans ‘food for the Moon.’ This metaphorical statement hints a deep spiritual truth: without meditation and mindfulness, our life is mechanically driven by the outer world; when we remain unconscious, all our thoughts, emotions and actions swing along the cycles of the Moon and are dictated by the forces of Nature.

Full Moon At Pyramid Valley

Pyramid Valley International organizes special programs on every Full Moon. These programs consist of a spiritual discourse, cultural programme and music meditation. The effects of the meditation are amplified by the energies of the great Maitreya Buddha Pyramid and the spiritual frequencies of the Full Moon.

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