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Why We Dream — Dreams as a Tool for Inner Work

We all dream. A third of our life is spent sleeping. Every night we receive information. Even when we do not remember our dreams, we receive lines of codes that change us, improve the way we feel, think and act. We often underestimate the power of a dream. But dreams go way beyond what we can even imagine. They are a door that is important to open, if we truly wish to understand ourselves in a profound way. One dream can completely change the way we see life, understand a situation and the way we act. A dream can change who we are today, and who we will become one day. At times, the information we receive in a dream is troubling, because in dreams we always see the truth, and this is not always easy.

Dreams as inner work

Dreams are the most advanced technology for self-exploration. Dreams have their symbolic language, which can be learnt. There is no movie or artificial reality that will help you live a situation as real as the way we can live it in a dream. In dreams you can be in a body of someone else, you can see past lives, you can see yourself in situations you have never encountered before. This is very powerful.

In dreams you can see things and potentials that you did not know you had in yourself, and you can activate them. You can also see problems that you have inside, and if you change them now, you will improve your life in the weeks to come. It is important to be aware of these memories.

Meditation can activate our dreams

Every meditation practice can trigger dreams, because when we connect within, we open our consciousness and our receptivity. Meditation is a very important key to our spiritual path, so the more we meditate, the more we activate our spiritual powers and the door to dreams.

You can have a perfect life, the perfect organization around you, the perfect family, and the perfect setup; but if your unconscious memories become more powerful than your conscious ones, sooner or later you will realize what is more important. Your inner states are at the center of everything. The more we work on our dreams, the more we work on ourselves, and the more we transform the life we have.

What can dreams do for us?

Dreams help us find our true spiritual autonomy. Dreaming is understanding the lines of codes of who we are, of our memories. We don’t only have the memories of this life; we have the memories of all the life that we have experienced, and the memories of the entire universe, the collective unconscious. The unconscious is always giving us the truth through new angles of seeing things. The unconscious is as vast as the universe. Know yourself and you will know the universe.

A dream can teach us and test us, by exposing us to situations that are so complex or difficult, that when we wake up we are either trained to encounter new situations, or we feel deep gratitude. Positive dreams can increase our frequency, offer visions, and help us become better. Every dream modifies who we are. There is no limit to the human evolution. We can be in connection with the best version of ourself.

The more you work on yourself, the more you cleanse your own memories. Your inner computer becomes be able to to process your life better, as well as the lives of others. In your dreams, you can see your deepest fears. Don’t be afraid of nightmares, because they too can give you keys to a real change; without those keys, you will stay in negativity.

If you are full of fears, negativity and pessimistic thoughts, your inner computer is so used to processing negativity, and you are so busy with your frustrations, that you do not have space for happiness and altruism. The more you work on yourself, the more you develop your angelic qualities, and the better you start to process the emotions of others, thus helping them become better versions of themselves.

Dreams can make sure you do not miss the right train in your life. They can be a powerful guidance. This guidance helps you materialize things in the right way. When you have this wisdom to follow your dreams, to take important decisions, you see how magical life can become, with many positive synchronicities. When we bring the understanding of dreams to a level where we use dreams to help others too, it is amazing what we can accomplish.

How to begin working with your dreams

If you don’t remember your dreams, remember that you can activate them any time by loving dreams, being interested in them, and by writing them down. Have a book and a pen next to your bed, and be ready to write your dreams when you wake up. Even if you do not immediately understand their meaning, later on, during your meditation, think again about the dream, and try to gain insights. It is like seeing a movie of yourself, and every part of the dream is you. For example, if you dream about your mother, it can be in connection with her, but most of the time the significance will be linked to your inner mother.

A powerful way to connect with your dreams is Angelica Mantra. An angel is the best symbol in connection to the dreamer and the dreams. It has wings and capacity to travel through both the individual and the universal consciousness. The more pure intentions we nurture, and the higher the qualities of our thoughts, emotions and actions are, the more we can activate our spiritual powers in dreams. The simple technique is to repeat or to chant the name of an angel as a mantra. This way we internalize the concept of the angel in connection with the best version of ourselves. Angels can trigger and activate the best in us.

Watch Kasara’s Global Master Talk on Dreams here:

Kasara is the Director of the Teaching and Research Center Universe/City Mikaël (UCM) in Canada. Through her books, meditative CDs, and international conferences, Kasara has become an extraordinary example of a new way of living, learning how to be guided by emotional intelligence (EQ) and symbolic language, the coded messages of our dreams and signs.

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