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Copper Meditation Pyramid Wall Hanging


A pyramid has an angle of 51degrees 51minutes draws Cosmic Energy from the universe. Copper is a spiritual metal and any product made of copper increases the energy of the product. A copper pyramid is a highly energized catalyst that enhances the inflow of energy, especially during meditation.


What will be inside the package?
The package will have one copper wall hanging pyramid with two threads.


Copper Meditaion Pyramid Wall Hanging :
Dimensions: 1ft

Material: Copper 
Angle: Great Pyramid at Giza with slope angle being 51' degrees

Copper Meditation Hanging Pyramid

  • Benefits Of The Pyramid :

    • The pyramid influences the senses of a person in innumerable ways. It ushers a feeling of weightlessness, making us free from all worldly impurities.
    • It provides a feeling of warmth in the upper portions of our body.
    • It gifts our soul with an unusual sense of tranquillity, relaxes our mind and makes us free of all worldly tensions.
    • It imparts beautiful dreams which are generally colorful and graphic infused.
    • It makes the external stimuli, in the form of sights and sounds fade away in Time distortion.
    • It brings a sense of real depth in deciphering Space consciousness.
    • It ensures better meditations and higher energy levels.


    • The pyramid can be used for calming the senses and help in proliferating meditative instincts that in turn brings feelings of calmness, harmony, and a positive attitude towards life.
    • Water can be placed inside the pyramid to instill a positive zeal and energy which is an essential requisite for good health.
    •  The daily essential amenities that influence our lives including gems, medicines, herbs, or any Goodluck charm that is believed to bestow positive energy can be kept with the pyramid to get additional power.
    • Fruits and vegetables kept inside the pyramid have more power in ushering well- being than normal.
    • Big plots or industries often place the pyramid in Eight directions with one at the center to ensure auspicious and positive energy on the premises.
    • Using a singing bowl or Tibetan bell along with the pyramid help in enhancing the personal and space vibrations.
    • It is one of the best instruments to provide Self peace, reduce stress and to keep negative thoughts at bay.
    • It is quintessential for Healing Mind Body Heart Chakra, Detox, Yoga, etc.
    • It brings Harmony, Focus and concentration in everything we do, relaxes and calms the mind and gifts the person meditating under the pyramid with ever-growing energy from all cosmos.
    • Copper Meditation Pyramid for Peace, Yoga, Stress Release
    • Meditating under Copper Pyramid gives 3times more results. Its good for Healing Mind Body Heart Chakra, Self Peace, Detox, Yoga, Reduces Stress, Negative thoughts
    • Brings Harmony, Focus & Concentration, Relaxes & Calms Mind, More Cosmic Energy Power to the person meditating under this pyramid.
    • The use of a pyramid in meditation can accelerate the process bringing feelings of calmness, well being and a more open and positive attitude.

    How To Maintain Copper Meditation Pyramid?

    • The Pyramid has to be kept in moist free areas to ensure that the copper colour remains intact.
    •  It should be protected from tarnishing.
    • It should be carefully used as it has sharp edges.
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