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Copper Pyramid Cap - 2 pieces


A pyramid has an angle of 51degrees 51minutes draws Cosmic Energy from the universe. Copper is a spiritual metal and any product made of copper increases the energy of the product. A copper pyramid is a highly energized catalyst that enhances the inflow of energy, especially during meditation.


What will be inside the package?
The package will have two copper pyramid head caps, two threads.


Copper Pyramid Head Cap:
Base 8inc X 8inc
Material: Copper 
Angle: Great Pyramid at Giza with slope angle being 51' degrees

Copper Pyramid Head Cap for Meditation - 2 pieces

  • Benefits of Pyramids:

    • Pyramid Cap can be used for Meditation & Healing purpose
    • Pyramid Cap can be placed on the water bottles. or water bubbles to energize the drinking water
    • Pyramid Cap can be placed on fresh fruits and vegetables before consumption
    • Copper Caps can be used for energizing Crystals

    How to use:

    • Place this Pyramid Cap on your head and do Meditation.
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