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New Multi - energy 9x Alfa is designed on time tested combination of Magnetic therapy, Acupressure & Pyramids to provide you natural & safe treatments and total eye relaxation. These functional belts contain bipolar magnets, aligned along acupressure meridians to improve metabolic activity, blood circulation and oxygen level of each cell. In addition, 9x Alfa is aldo enriched with power pyramids to harmonize cosmic energy and amplify healing properties. Using this latest Multi - energy belt, helps relieve eye stress and discomfort, also increases energy level and enhances effectiveness. 

Eye Pyramid Cap

  • How to use:

    • Select a comfortable sitting or lying posture.
    • Place 9x Afla on your eyes (eyes closed). Start with 15 minutes whenever needed. 
    • Over a period of one month, you can extend the treatment to 30 minutes. 

    Get Optimum results :

    • Close your eyes and visualise that a feeling of well being at the eyesight is taking place.
    • Slow deep and rhythmic breathing is important in positive manipulation of energy flow.
    • Soothing music, mantras or japas can accelerate the healing.
    • Gradyally go into a state of bliss and let the healing happen on its own for optimum results.
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