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Book Details:
Book Title: Sitayana | The Untold Story of Sita (Kannada)
Language: Kannada
Author: Dena Merriam
Translated By: Dr. Jeevandhar Ketappanavar
Number of Pages: 440


The Untold Story of Sita supplements the traditional narrative of Sita's life as told in the Ramayana with Sita as she truly is -- an incarnation of the great Devi Narayani.

Sita comes to Earth to join Sri Ram in setting the foundation for a new civilization at a time when humans are becoming separate from the natural world. She seeks to embed a great love for the forests and rivers, plant and animal life in the hearts and minds of the people, and to share the high spiritual accomplishments of the great women rishis and sages, many of whom you meet along Sita's journey.


This is a story of a woman's wisdom, courage, and strength, her love for the manifest and unmanifest worlds, and her selfless sacrifices for the welfare of all. So step into Sita's time and see what life was like during more spiritually more advanced age, when there was an understanding of Dharma, not just as duty but as an alignment with the higher forces of love that make possible the preservation of our world.

Seethayana - The Untold Story of Sita Book (Kannada)

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